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YachtsAgent is the leading yachts dealer and charter operator in the Baltic area and was the first operator to be granted sales privileges for the esteemed Lagoon catamarans in the Nordics. Our 15 years of experience in the business guarantees the highest level of service for our customers. We take pride in finding the right product or service to fit the individual needs of each and every customer.


What is the yachting experience of your dreams? YachtsAgent strives to, above all, exceed the demanding needs of each and every one of our customers. Whether you’re booking a chartered cruise or purchasing one of our world-class yachts, we pride ourselves in making sure that the service or product fits your desires and specifications. Contact us, and let us know how we can make your yachting dreams come true.


YachtsAgent provides luxury experiences of the highest quality to our customers around the world. Expect to see, feel and experience only the best in nautical engineering, design and service; whether it be a chartered cruise around the picturesque Finnish archipelago aboard a premium Lagoon catamaran helmed by our expert crew or a cruising yacht built to Your exacting standards. Describe your needs, and we will meet them.


YachtsAgent and its employees have years upon years of experience with sailing, yachts and charter cruises. As the leading yachting expert in the Baltic area, we are the natural choice for anyone interested in experiencing the joy of luxury yachting first-hand. Be it a chartered cruise, new sails for your existing yacht or a brand new customized yacht of your dreams, our experts are here to help you choose the right yachting experience for You.

Recent Activity

Lagoon 40 and Lagoon 50 announced!

Two new Lagoon models, the Lagoon 40 and the Lagoon 50, have been announced at the International Multihull Boat Show in April 2017. Lagoon 40 combines the best characteristics of the Lagoon 49, 400 and 42 models. This new catamaran includes a self-steering jib to aid maneuvering, a receding rig to improve performance and a
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Vene 2017 messut käynnissä

YachtsAgent on mukana messuilla yhdessä Lagoonin kumppanin Highfieldin kanssa Tule osastolle 7 C 130 tutustumaan YachtsAgentin tarjontaan! Kokeile, miten Parasailorien kanssa toimitettava EasySnuffer Pro -sukka toimii. Erittäin helppo ja varmatoiminen sukka voidaan toimittaa käytettävissä myös spinaakkerin tai genaakkerin kanssa. Parasailorin ostajalle EasySnuffer Pro puoleen hintaan! Lagoon 42 on menestynyt erinomaisesti! Nyt voit saada vielä uuden varaamamme Lagoon 42
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