Lagoon Charter

Experience the beautiful Finnish coast on the most luxurious yachts in the country!

"We have sailed with Lagoon Charter in Finland and also in Croatia. I can recommend them thoroughly."

Experience Finland from a whole new perspective

Safe sailing

Lagoon Charter offers you access to four of the most luxurious sailboats in Finland. These boats ensure smooth sailing, a COVID-safe environment and pleasant conditions in the beautiful Finnish archipelago.

Excellent cuisine

Sailing with us, you’ll have excellent culinary experiences with a view to match. First-class service, fresh ingredients and a private kitchen staff make sure your food tastes perfect, and you’ll also be provided with wines to match the food.

Exquisite service

Our crew will do everything to make your experience as comfortable as possible. We are sailing professionals with decades of experience sailing luxury boats. We are also apt to serve international clients in English, Swedish or German.

What you can experience with Lagoon Charter

Up to eight different menu options

On board our catamarans, you’ll experience an excellent menu you can choose from up to eight different options. There are lots of different themes you can choose from, and every menu comes with wines to match. Great food, great wine, and an even greater view – what’s not to love?

Lagoon Charter provides up to eight different menu options
Lagoon Charter provides many different charter destinations

Unique destinations

The Lagoon Charter boats sail on the coasts of Helsinki and Espoo. The Finnish archipelago is famous for its unique cuisine, beautiful views, and rich history. 

The most luxurious boats in Finland

We are extremely proud of our fleet. We have four different sailboats our clients can choose from, and each one of them is at the top of its class. You will not find more luxurious, better equipped, and comfortable boats in Finland.

The Lagoon Charter fleet

Balance 4 - Lagoon 42 katamaraani tarjoaa nautinnolliset purjehdukset kaikille säästä riippumatta.

Lagoon 42 Balance 4

The new, top of the line charter yacht Lagoon 42 Balance 4 arrived in Finland in the summer of 2021. Book the yacht for your special occasion today, and be one of the first to sail on it! 

Lagoon Charter Lagoon 39 luxury catamaran

Lagoon 39 Xodó

Xodó is a dashing Lagoon 39 catamaran, where you can enjoy an unforgettable event with your friends, clients or team. 

Lagoon Charter Karioca II+ luxury catamaran

Lagoon 50 Karioca II+

Karioca II+ is the most luxurious catamaran in our fleet. Spanning almost 50 feet in length, it also has the most room for guests.

Lagoon Charter's Oyster 595 is one of the most luxurious sailboats in Finland.

NEW: Oyster 595 Karioca III

The first monohull in the Lagoon Charter fleet, the Oyster 595 is one of the most luxurious sailboats in the country. With a flattering, aerodynamic exterior and a lavish interior, you and your guests will most enjoy this uniquely opulent sailboat. 

Lagoon Charter at your service!

Timo Salminen

Timo Salminen

The Lagoon Charter team is led by Timo Salminen, who’s been sailing with Lagoon boats since 2001. In addition to being one of the most experienced captains in the country, Mr. Salminen also is the Founder and CEO of the leading sailboat dealership in Finland, YachtsAgent. 

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