What is a catamaran?

Have you wondered what a catamaran is, and what are its advantages compared to a traditional monohull sailboat?

A catamaran is a type of boat that differs from traditional monohull sailboats with its special structure. It consists of two frames connected by different structures. The trimaran has three separate hulls. The two hulls make catamarans stand out and offer many advantages for sailing enthusiasts or sea travelers.

But what are the differences between catamarans and monohull sailboats, and why might choosing a catamaran be worth considering?

Smooth sailing experience

Catamarans are significantly more stable compared to monohull sailboats, which makes them more comfortable for long trips. In a catamaran, the second frame, which is at the end of the lever arm, acts as the righting force. In monohull sailboats, the weight of the keel acts as the righting force. Its righting force is about 6-7 times compared to a monohull boat. Thanks to the structure of the catamaran's two hulls, the catamaran tilts laterally only about seven degrees at most, so it is stable even in strong winds. This makes catamarans ideal for those who suffer from seasickness or want to enjoy a more stable sailing experience.

Speed and fuel savings

Catamarans are generally faster than monohulls, especially when sailing in open wind. The sails are furled a little later, so that the power offered by the wind can be well utilized. The frame structure of the catamaran enables significantly lower fuel consumption. When driving with engines, typically only the second engine is used, which cuts the fuel consumption in half. For example, Lagoon 42 consumption at cruising speed (approx. 7 s) is only approx. 3 l/h.

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The shallow draft of the catamaran

Catamarans can move in shallower water than monohull boats. The draft of even a large catamaran is typically less than 1.5 m. This opens up new opportunities for access to more remote and shallow harbors and lagoons. In Finnish ports, it is possible to use places on the pier near the shore, where monohull boats cannot reach.

Traveling on a catamaran with a motor and sails

When traveling on a catamaran, you don't have to choose purely between an engine or sails. Often the best adventures are created by combining these two forces. You can start your journey by sailing and move with the help of the engine when it is necessary. This allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds and adapt to the situation.

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The catamaran's volume and comfort

Catamarans have more space on deck compared to traditional sailboats. They offer more cabins, living areas and even bathrooms. Aboard a catamaran, you can carry more luggage and supplies. This makes them a popular choice for longer trips or holidays, and they can accommodate larger groups comfortably, often accommodating up to 12 guests comfortably.

What is special about Lagoon catamarans?

Lagoon catamarans are known for their modern and sophisticated design. The equipment of the boats has been finalized to make moving at sea smoother and more self-sufficient. The latest Lagoon models are equipped with versatile features that increase comfort and enable longer trips without constant dependence on marina services.

These features include solar panels that produce electricity ecologically from sunlight, and a generator that provides additional power when needed. This allows the use of all electrical equipment including air conditioning, water machine, heating equipment, large cooling capacity and even induction cookers.

A modern chartplotter with GPS and an autopilot are essential equipment related to navigation and steering, which make traveling safer and easier. The chartplotter helps you plan a route and keep an eye on your position, while the autopilot keeps your boat on the right course without constant manual steering.

These technological features make Lagoon catamarans an attractive option for those who want to enjoy moving at sea more independently and reduce their dependence on the services provided by ports. Owning and sailing catamarans is carefree and enjoyable.

Who is the catamaran suitable for?

The great advantage of catamarans is the need for a very small crew. Even a large catamaran can be controlled by one person. The sails can be handled with the push of a button, and thanks to the two engines, maneuvers in the harbor are very easy.

For family vacations on the seas of the world

Catamarans have the advantage of being child-friendly. The wide and safe deck offers a spacious playground for children, and the opportunity to swim and snorkel or try balancing on a SUP board directly from the catamaran's terrace. A catamaran offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy marine adventure and togetherness, making it a great option for family vacations and those traveling with children.

Read our Blog post, where we share the story of our client and his family sailing around the world on a Lagoon catamaran.

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For groups who want to enjoy their time together

Catamarans are often the first choice for groups who want to relax and enjoy a relaxing vacation on the water. They are especially popular among groups of friends looking for a joint adventure at sea. Catamarans offer a wide and flat deck that is perfect for relaxation and moments of togetherness even for guests who are not experienced sailors.

For organizing events at sea

In addition, catamarans are popular options for various company events. The spacious deck and interior spaces make it possible to organize many kinds of activities and carry out group activities, which makes them a versatile option for organizing various events at sea.

YachtsAgent organizes charter services sailing on a catamaran in Helsinki. Find out more.

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In summary, catamarans offer many advantages when moving at sea compared to traditional monohull sailboats. Their stability, volume, speed and ability to move in shallow water make them an attractive option for sailors and seafarers. If you are considering getting a catamaran or want to experience a new kind of sailing experience, they can be a worthwhile investment that will hold their value very well.

Are you dreaming of your own catamaran?

We have many years of experience in importing Lagoon catamarans and organizing charter services in Finland and Croatia. If you are thinking about getting your own Lagoon catamaran or would like to get to know what life at sea can feel like, for example a day sailing in Helsinki or a week on a catamaran in the wonderful landscapes of Croatia are good opportunities to get to know the ships in more detail. Please contact us if you are interested in our services, or if we can be of assistance for the purchase and financing of a boat in related questions. You can contact us using the form below or by email: contact@yachtsagent.com


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What is a catamaran?

Have you wondered what a catamaran is, and what are its advantages compared to a traditional monohull sailboat?
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