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Frequently asked questions about sailing in Croatia

Below we have listed questions that our customers often think about before sailing in Croatia. I hope you will find the answer to your own question below, but if you still have more questions, you can always contact us:

When should you book a sailing holiday in Croatia?

Generally, reservations for Mediterranean destinations are made in January-February at the latest. However, we recommend making a reservation already the previous autumn. It pays to book in time, because then you get the advantage of advance booking (discount usually 5-10 %), the boat you want and the time you want. The price of sailing is determined by the desired boat model and time. Spring and autumn are more favorable times for a sailing holiday. 

What is included in the boat rental?

The boat rental includes Wi-Fi, VHF, GPS with plotter, VPN mobile phone, gas, bed linen, bath towels and a berth in the home port on check-in and check-out days (extra days are charged directly to the customer/subscriber at the marina reception).

What additional costs can you expect from Croatia sailing?

Mandatory additional fees are:

  • Tourist tax approx. €1.35/day/person
  • Comfort Pack service package from €450, depending on the boat model
  • Rental deposit, from €2,500 depending on the boat model

Other additional costs to be taken into account are port and fuel fees, maintenance for the boat and meals and tips for any crew.

How much do you estimate that, on average, weekly boat renters spend on fuel and hundredth fees in euros per week/boat

Port fees are around 100-200 €/night depending on the size of the boat and the port (however, these do not have a big impact on the costs. In general, you don't spend the night in the port, but at anchor. The overnight stay in the port is according to your wishes.)

Fuel costs around €300-700/week. This depends on the use of the generator and engines. A generator is needed to operate the air conditioning. 

What does the Comfort Pack service package include?

The Comfort Pack includes final cleaning, dish detergent and sponge, garbage bags, toilet paper, soap, tablecloths, kitchen roll, matches, shower soap and shampoo (1 set/cabin), dinghy+outboard motor and fuel. In catamarans over 45' in addition: beach towels, SUP board, Nespresso machine and 32 capsules. The contents of the Comfort Pack may vary, depending on the operator.

What is APA?

APA (Advance Provisions Allowance) is the so-called cover reservation, which is used when you rent a boat with a full crew. The margin reservation is usually 20% of the boat rental price (min. €5,000/week). APA covers part of your expenses for the duration of the charter week, e.g. the hostess pays the initial repairs and additions to the cover booking and the skipper pays the running expenses of the boat, such as fuel fees and possible port charges. The crew keeps accurate records of expenses and all expenses are presented to the customer at the end of the charter week (receipts and calculation). If the expenses exceed the amount paid in advance, the difference must be paid. Any remaining part will be returned.

Why should you book a professional crew for sailing?

We highly recommend booking a crew for the sailing so that you can enjoy and relax yourself throughout your vacation.

The skipper takes care of your boat and knows all the harbors and anchorages. The skipper works so-called as a "local guide" during your trip. You can always participate in sailing or sail yourself. When you just want to relax, you can give the helm to the skipper.

The hostess takes care of your well-being on the boat. The hostess will take care of the food purchases for the sailing in advance according to your wishes. You can tell us your thoughts and these will be taken into account in purchases. Tell us your budget as well, and the purchases won't surprise you. On the boat, the hostess takes care of breakfast and lunch, as well as the cleanliness of the boat. The hostess also helps the skipper in landing.

The crew also saves on costs. The professional crew knows local entrepreneurs and can reserve restaurants for your sailing group through the VIP lane. Some restaurants offer a free berth in front of the restaurant when you eat in the restaurant.

Can I book a boat first and come back later for additional services such as skipper, hostess, etc.?

This is possible, but the crew should also be booked well in advance, as they are in high demand.

From how many days are the crew costs calculated?

When the reservation is for a week, the charge is for seven days. 

Does the skipper's and hostess's expenses include their own meals?

This is not included in the price. The crew must be provided with meals on the boat.

Are crew members supposed to tip?

While tipping is not mandatory, it is a good way to show that you are satisfied with the services. Usually the tip is 200-400€ per crew member, taking into account the service level. 

Can I rent a boat in Croatia without a skipper?

Yes, you can act as a skipper yourself, if you have the required qualifications. In Croatia, an international yacht operator's license and a VHF license are required for at least one member of your crew. Please always check the necessary qualifications when making a reservation. 

All YachtsAgent Fleet boats up to the Lagoon 46 model can be skippered by yourself. If you skipper the boat yourself, remember to take your sailing certificates and VHF license with you!

Do you need to hire a hostess for the whole week or can you hire a hostess for part of the days?

It is possible to make a wish and ask the hostess for a shorter time, but the hostesses decide for themselves if they agree to do less than a week.

Is parallel sailing possible, for example in Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik?

This can be done for an additional fee, which varies depending on the length of the transfer and other details. One-way sailing must always be arranged in advance when booking.

Is it possible to rent a boat for less than 7 days.

The rental period during the high season is usually from Saturday to Saturday. Outside of the high season, it is possible to rent the boat for less than 7 days. A shorter stay is also possible during the high season, but the price for the whole week will be paid.

When the rental is from Saturday to Saturday, how many places do you get the boat on the day of arrival and how many places do you have to return the boat on the day of departure?

Check-in is on Saturdays at 17:00 and check-out on Saturdays by 8:30. You must return to the port on Friday afternoon between 16:00 and 18:00. The return formalities will be taken care of on arrival at the port on Friday. Times may vary, depending on the operator. 

What does the rental deposit cover?

Damage to the boat, excluding excess.

Will the deposit deductible be paid as a deposit when booking or only if something happens?

As a deposit when booking. The rental deposit works on the same principle as e.g. renting a car.

Do the boats have air conditioning?

All YachtsAgent Fleet boats have air conditioning. Read the boat-specific equipment on our website.

What to bring on a Croatia cruise?

In addition to the reservation, you only need to bring your personal belongings. Depending on when you travel, we recommend that you bring an extra sweater or fleece in case of cooler evenings, in addition to swimwear and light clothes. Also remember to pack your things in a soft bag that is easy to store during the trip. When booking, you will receive more packing tips from us.

Can I order advance catering for the boat, even if I don't book a hostess?

Yes, this is possible. We especially recommend ordering heavy items such as drinks in advance. You can request an order form from us in advance.

Does the boat have life jackets for everyone?

Yes, the boat has all the necessary safety equipment and life jackets. If there are children in your crew, please let us know the size of your children in advance so that we can reserve the right size life jackets for the boat. For an additional fee, you can also get safety nets on the boat railings to prevent smaller children from falling out of the boat.

Where should I sail in Croatia?

We give you the best sailing tips! In Croatia, it's usually best to make a final travel plan just before the holiday week. This way you can take the winds into account so that you can sail downwind all week. 

Read the Croatia Sailing Tips blog article here

If you have booked a crew, they will also help you plan your vacation. Contact is usually started about 1-2 weeks before the holiday. The crew's contact information can be found with your CV. 

Where can I get information about the weather?

Upon logging in, you will receive the weather forecast for the coming week. You can also get information about the weather forecast at the reception of each marina. YachtsAgent ships also have free Wi-Fi, so you can also visit the website of the Croatian Meteorological Department Croatian Meteorological Service, where you can find all the necessary information about weather, wind and sea conditions. 

If you did not find an answer to your question, please contact our charter team at: or by phone +358 20 144 1740!

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