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Read the instructions for successful route planning and the best stopovers for your trip

Whether your Croatian sailing trip is headed north or south from the home port of Marina Frapa, read here the best route instructions and places worth stopping.

Our long sailing experience has taken our crew to authentic small towns and villages that should not be missed on a sailing trip in Croatia. From the destinations worth seeing, you can choose the ones you and your group like best and stop there to spend a moment.

When you rent a boat from us, you can always use it on the Saturday of the rental week no later than 5 p.m. If you want the boat to be used earlier, you can agree on this when drawing up the boat rental contract. For an additional fee, you can get early check-in, which makes it possible to use the boat earlier in the afternoon. With an earlier rental period, you can plan your route on the first day of the rental.

Sailor heading south from Marina Frapa: mark these or some of the following as stops on your route!

Vis - the pearl of the Adriatic Sea

The island of Vis is part of the most untouched Croatian archipelago. The island was opened to tourists in the early 2000s. The main occupation is fishing and wine growing. The fishing village of Komiza, located on the southwest coast, has been a base for fishermen for centuries, if not millennia. The fishing tradition can be seen and tasted: the top level of the seafood restaurants is worth tasting for yourself. The history of Vis dates back to ancient times, when the Greeks still inhabited the island called Issa. Vis is the oldest settlement in the Adriatic Sea.

The harbors of the town of Vis (the town's beach, as well as Kut on the eastern side of the bay), and the harbors of Komiza are excellent options for staying the night. You can get electricity and water from Kut, and there are also toilets and showers at the piers on the city beach.


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You can also anchor and buoy in the bay. Next to the Stoncica peninsula in the northeast is the charming bay of Stoncica with popular restaurants. An excellent anchorage if there is no wind from the north. You can also go north to Rogacic, Gradac and Okljucna

It's a bit longer to Komiza, but it's worth it. The small fishing village fills up with boaters in the course of the evening. Here you will find numerous fish restaurants and the village is very attractive. Every year, between November and December, an old wooden boat is burned here in honor of St. Nicolas, the patron saint of fishermen in the village.



Like Vis, Lastovo has also been geographically significant for Croatia in terms of defense. That's why it was opened to tourists only twenty years ago.

Lastovo is connected to Prezba island on the northwest coast by a bridge. There are great anchorages on both sides of the bridge, but also a few piers. The bay on the north side is called Mali Lago. There is a small village on the cape, and there is also a pier. The bay on the south side is called Velji Lago, where there is also a hotel.
Pasaduri has pier moorings with facilities. There are several very sheltered anchorages in the bay of Velji Lago. Lastovo's ferry connection operates via Ubli in Velji Lago. You can also get fuel here and there are a couple of shops and a post office in the village.


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On the southern shore of Lastovo, a little east of Ubl, there is a very sheltered large anchor bay of Skrivena Luka. Skrivena Luka translates into English as “Hidden Bay” and it is exactly that as its name suggests.
It's hard to see from the open sea. The bay has one restaurant with docks "Porto Rosso". Good docks, electricity, water, showers. A large restaurant that fills up to capacity in the evenings. So you should book a table if you want to eat in here.

On the north coast of Lastovo is the charming little village of Zaklopatica in a sheltered bay. There are a couple of restaurants in the village, we have tried Augusta Insula. The restaurant piers are of course free, if you dine in the restaurant.
From Zaclopatica you can explore the town of Lastovo, which is located a few kilometers inland. The small town is very interesting with houses from the 16th century and stone streets. The houses have special chimneys, like minarets. The town of Lastovo has a bank, post office, doctor's office, tourist information and a few shops.


Solta - Brac's neighboring island - is a lovely, traditional, Croatian island. The small village of Maslinica on the east coast attracts sailors. Right "around the corner", i.e. on the other side of the southern cape, is Sesula's excellent and sheltered anchor bay. From Sesula, it is only a short walk to the village of Maslinica.

On the north coast of the island is the village of Rogac, where there is also a ferry connection to e.g. from Split. There is a fuel station in Rogac, which is quite crowded on Fridays. The village also has docks and you can stay there, but the place is not particularly attractive.
Different is the bay of Necujam; a beautiful, large bay where you can find places suitable for anchoring. Can also be attached to the pier. Necujam is a suitable place to have lunch and swim at anchor, but why not also suitable for overnight stays. In recent years, hotels and holiday accommodation have been built in Necujam. The village of Stomorska, a few miles east of Necujam, is a particular favorite of ours, extremely beautiful especially in the evening.

The south coast of Solta has nice bays suitable for swimming, e.g. Livka, Vela Travna and Stracinska. All the bays are open to southeasterly and southerly winds.


The island of Hvar is the most famous tourist island in Croatia. Hvar is more than its capital of the same name, which is certainly worth exploring, but there is much more to the island. It doesn't make sense to try to get to the town of Hvar by boat, whose harbor is not only narrow, but also prone to seas. A few miles from the city, off Hvar are the Pakleni Islands. A beautiful and popular group of islands that, in addition to countless anchor bays, also has ACI Marina Palmizana. A large marina with services, and from there you can easily take a taxi boat to the town of Hvar.

On the other side of Palmizana is the wonderful Vinogradisce bay, where e.g. Zori's restaurant, where it is worth booking a table in advance. The Palmizana Islands have other nice anchor bays such as Stipanska Bay and the beaches of Marinkovac and Planikovac.


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If Hvar is a jet-setting place, then the town of Stari Grad charms with its different atmosphere. It is said to be the oldest city in Croatia, already founded by the Greeks. The city is also called Old Town–Stari Grad. There is a pier on the city's shore where you can get electricity and water. In front of the city, you can stay in the bow of the buoy. In addition, on the left side (north side) of the long bay, there are countless fine, sheltered anchorages along the way, e.g. Tiha. The old town of Stari Grad is one of our favorites. There is also our favorite restaurant Antika, which is always full. You should book a table in advance.


The south-west and north-west shores of the island of Hvar are full of sheltered anchor bays. The small village Vrboska on the northern shore is definitely worth a visit. A community called Little Venice at the end of a long, sheltered bay. There is an interesting, very old church on the hill in the middle of the village, which is worth visiting. Vrboska is worth visiting more, there you can find nice places: a winery, vineyards, a beach on the other side of the cape and even a nudist beach at the tip of the cape. Beautiful bridges take you over the canal that runs like a river. Here, in addition to the village pier, is the ACI Marina Vrboska.

Just a few miles ahead of Vrboska, you'll find the town of Jelsa. Jelsa is being developed a lot these days and in Jelsa can be found, for example, holiday apartments for rent. At the eastern tip of the island is the charming little town of Sucuraj.


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There are not many bays south of Hvar. The small village of Milna, near the town of Hvar, is worth checking out, there are also a few other villages on the beach worth visiting nearby. You can visit the south shore by car if you stay on the island for a longer period of time.

The island of Scedro is a true hermit south of Hvar. There are only a few houses. Four anchorable bays, the most famous of which are Monastir and Lovice. Lovice is bigger and thus perhaps more "usable", but also busier. There are two larger branches of the bay and both have a restaurant. We have personally tried the restaurant on the right side of the bay, a personable konoba, hosted by an old couple. Fresh fish is available, which the host catches himself. A very charming place.

Korcula - Marco Polo Island

The natural and peaceful little town, also called Little Dubrovnik, enchants with its atmosphere. Here you won't experience huge crowds of tourists, only the authentic Croatian atmosphere. The island of Korcula near the Peljesac peninsula is the second most forested island in Croatia.

The Greeks once called Korcula Korkyra Melaina. The capital of the island is also called Korcula. It is a typical medieval small town.

Korcula attracts tourists and it can be very busy in high season. ACI-Marina Korcula is good to be in good time in midsummer. The city also has another pier on the other side of the cape. In the north and west winds, it is just annoyingly exposed to the sea.

Marco Polo (1254-1324), the famous world traveler, is said to have been born in Korcula. There are enough boutiques and restaurants bearing his name in the city. The old town, located on a small hill, was blessed with narrow alleys. Korcula has history, art and culture. You can also anchor in front of the town of Korcula, on the south side of the island of Badija. There is a Franciscan monastery on the beach. If you don't want to go to the hustle and bustle of Korcula, a quieter place to stay can be the village of Lumbarda, a few miles south of Korcula. There is a bus connection to the city from there.

There are other nice places on the island. The small village of Brna halfway along the south coast is charming. You can anchor your sailboat in the middle of the bay of the village or in a smaller bay on the other side of the cape. The anchorage fee is collected in both places. Sailing west, we reach the village of Prizba. There is a holiday settlement in the village, a small bay on both sides of the cape. You can anchor to the breakwater in the western bay. On the southwest coast is Tri Luke's anchor bay. The best protection can be found on the western beaches, but it is good to remember that the bay is well open to the entire southern Adriatic Sea.

On the western tip of Korcula is the town of Vela Luka, and in the large bay surrounding the town, there is a smaller bay suitable for a few anchorages, e.g. shallow bay of Gradina. Vela Luka is a bigger place and you can get fuel here and there are grocery stores. There is also a pharmacy, hospital and post office.


Note: When planning your sailing route, you should consider how many hours you want to sail per day. Compare this with your rental period and the weather forecast. Don't forget to ask us about ready-made sailing routes! They include distances between destinations and estimated sailing times. You can also modify your plans during your sailing vacation. If you and your group decide to stay a second night, for example, in one of our favorite destinations: peaceful and authentic Korčula, which can be found as the last "must" stop on the route south from Marina Frapa, after the town of Hvar.

When moving along the coast, you should find out about the anchorages and the services at the stopovers once you have decided on the final route.

The total length of the route can basically be 100-150 nm/week and day trips 15-30 nm However, it is good to be prepared for surprising situations and possible route changes. The most important thing in a sailing holiday is enjoying the sea without rush and stress! You should always update the sailing plan at the beginning of the holiday according to the weather forecast, so that you can choose a downwind for your holiday sailing.

And what can be found north of Marina Frapa? Check out the list of the most amazing destinations worth visiting:

The islands of the Kornati nature reserve:

The Kornati National Park in northern Dalmatia is one of Croatia's eight national parks. Located south of Zadar and west of Sibenik, this wonderful travel experience for boaters was declared a national park in 1980. The park covers an area of 220 square kilometers and includes 89 small islands and islets. The Kornati Islands are an opportunity for the "explorer" to experience a piece of the most natural Croatia.

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Šibenik is located about 50 km north of Trogir, 45 minutes from Split airport.
If one wants and can fly to Zadar, the distance from Zadar airport to Sibenik is approx. 80 km (approx. 60 min.).

Šibenik is a port city in the estuary of the Krka river. The population of the city is 46,000. Sibenik – like many
other cities in Croatia – is also an ancient city, which received city rights in 1298. Here, too, there is one UNESCO World Heritage Site, St. James's Cathedral. In the city there is annually organized
international children's festival.

D-Marina Mandalina in Šibenik is located about a couple of kilometers from the city center. The marina is the only marina in Croatia that can receive megayachts.

From Šibenik you can conveniently sail to Krka National Park to Skradin to the popular Krka Falls,
Skradin is located less than 15 nm away. The magnificent Kornati National Park is also only a day's journey from Šibenik.


Skradin is a small, charming and full of flavor. It's located in Šibenik-Knin county at the mouth of the Krka National Park. The distance from Šibenik is about 17 km and from Split about 100 km.

Krka National Park is definitely worth experiencing: The National Park is known for its incredible waterfalls and turquoise water.

As elsewhere in our sailing tips, Skradin will also have an authentic Croatian atmosphere in the form of food, culture and historical sights.

Taste tip: On the way to Skradin, you will find oyster and mussel farms, where you can buy fresh morsels. The eel in Skradin will blow your mind, and in Komiza you should try the lobster, not to mention many other local specialties.


Biograd na Moru is north of Sibenik, only 20 min. taxi ride from Zadar airport. The distance to Split airport is 125 km, or a taxi ride lasting more than an hour.

Biograd is a small town in the most ideal location in the middle of the Croatian coast. From here it is possible to go both south and north, there are islands and the sea in both directions. Biograd hosts the famous boat fair every year in October. It is almost a mecca for boaters.

There are two large marinas next to each other in Biograd, marina Kornati and marina Sangulin, both full-service marinas.

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Zadar is probably known for its sunset, which has been said to be one of the finest in the world. Already in 1964, film director Alfred Hitchcock stated:

"The sunset in Zadar is the most beautiful in the world and incomparably better than in Key West, Florida"

Finland has good air connections to Split and Dubrovnik. That is why the main ports of departure are the marinas in the Split area and Dubrovnik.

In addition to the most important ports presented above, there are numerous (smaller) ports and marinas on the coast, especially Primosten's marina Kremikin. Further north, Rijeka, Pula and Rovinj are worth mentioning.


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