Why do we love sailing in Croatia?

There are millions of reasons, but here are a few of them.

1. The sea

We love sailing in Croatia because of the sea. The Adriatic Sea is perfect for swimming! The water is so clear that you can see up to almost 56 meters. In summer, the water temperature is a pleasant +22–25 °C.


2. A thousand islands
There are 1246 islands in the Adriatic Sea, full of clear bays and green nature!

3. Beaches
Long and clean beaches, turquoise water and hidden coves will make your vacation magical.

4. Active holiday
Croatia is an active vacationer's paradise, where snorkeling, swimming, wakeboarding, water skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, camping, caving, snorkeling, ATV adventures and, of course, sailing await. The possibilities are endless!

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5. Health The Adriatic Sea contains more than 80 minerals and elements. The salinity of the water is over 3.8 % (much higher than the average sea) and it only takes 3.3 years for the water in the Adriatic to change (it takes up to 40 years for the water in some seas to change). It should also be mentioned that swimming has numerous health benefits. By sailing around the Adriatic Sea you will find the best swimming spots!

6. Sunshine The Adriatic coast is one of the sunniest in the Mediterranean, with up to 300 sunny days a year.

7. Escape the hustle and bustle by sailing With sailing, you can easily get away from the crowds. Stress levels decrease and you can focus on listening to the lapping of the waves. That's why we love sailing in Croatia.

  1. History and culture
Croatia is at the crossroads of the influences of the Western Roman Empire and the culture of the Byzantine Empire. Almost every hill and rock has a rich history!

  1. Boating opportunities
Around 50 modern guest marinas offer you electricity, water, toilets, shops and other essential services. You can find fuel at more than 30 coastal gas stations. Beautiful bays, coves and local harbors offer convenient berths and anchorages.

  1. Sailing regattas
If you have never sailed in Croatia, the opening regatta of the season is the best way to get to know the destination in style and enjoy the aforementioned activities. Welcome to sailing!
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Lagoon Days with Highfield 2024

The Lagoon Days With Highfield event offers an excellent opportunity to get to know Lagoon catamarans and Highfield boats.
Welcome to test drive Highfield RIB boats at the SuomiVeneilee.fi test drive event!

Suomiveneilee.fi Test drive dates 17-18 May 2024

Suomiveneilee.fi Test drive days are organized in Helsinki's Lauttasaari.

Highfield By YachtsAgent Vene 24 Båt boat fair

Highfield By YachtsAgent present at Vene 24 Båt fair. Come and see the high-quality Highfield RIB boats.

Boot Düsseldorf Boat Fair 20-28 January 2024

Boot, the world's largest yacht exhibition, will be held in Düsseldorf again. Highfield presents nine RIB boats at the show.
Highfield test drive day - Lauttasaari 7 October 2023

Highfield test drive day 14.10. In Lauttasaari

Highfield test drive day in Lauttasaari 14.10. Highfield SP460, SP700 and PA540 on trial.

Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

YachtsAgent invites you to Cannes Yachting Festival 12-17 September 2023.
Floating boat show in Lauttasaari!

YachtsAgent participating in Uiva boat show 2023

YachtsAgent with Uiva 17-20 August 2023. On display, e.g. Lagoon 42 and Lagoon 50.

Suomiveneilee.fi Test drive dates 12-13 May 2023

Suomiveneilee.fi Test drive days are organized in Helsinki's Lauttasaari.
You can always find current news about boating on this page. The multihull boat show MultiHull Boat Show in France's La Grande Motte creates a real party feeling.

Multihull Boat Show 2023

Multihull Boat Show 12. - 16.4.2023, in La Grande Motte, France.

We are on board!

Finally, we get back to Boot @Düsseldorf! This is the biggest boat show in the world.

ARC+ 2022 is underway

The World Racing Club organizes the legendary ARC sailing.

Boat 23 Båt at the Helsinki Exhibition Center

Vene 23 Båt is the largest boating event in Northern Europe.
Lagoon Cannes

YachtsAgent in Cannes

YachtsAgent sold three Lagoon catamarans in Cannes, being the best Lagoon seller in Northern Europe.
Cannes Yachting Festival - Lagoon stand

Cannes Yachting Festival 2022

YachtsAgent invites you to Cannes Yachting Festival 6-11 September 2022
Yachtsagent Uiva2020

YachtsAgent participating in the Uiva 2022 boat show

Book your own presentation time at the YachtsAgent trade fair stand for the Uiva 2022 boat show.


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