Menu Suomenlinna is a delicious cold meal on a hot summer day. 

  • Ham, salmon, cheeses, chili with side dishes
  • Sparkling wine


Menu Suomenlinna €44.00 

Special diets

We carry out the servings according to the wishes of our customers. We always take into account dietary wishes and food allergies that have been announced in advance. 


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The inspiration for the menu is Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

If the door of the Kuninkaansaari powder cellar had not been open on August 1, 1906, Finnish history could have taken a completely different direction. The direction of history can therefore depend on a small thing. Like that, does someone forget to close the door behind them, as happened during the Viapor rebellions at the turn of July-August 1906. If someone careless had not left the armored door of the gunpowder store to his father-in-law, the cannonball of the tsar's loyal officer would not have ended up inside the gunpowder cellar more than half a kilometer away. And the disaster that shook the whole of Helsinki would not have happened, where a couple of truckloads of gunpowder exploded in the blink of an eye. It was close that the capital would not have moved all the way to Turku! Fortunately, we have Suomenlinna!

Lagoon 39 Xodó in Suomenlinna

Suokki is the hottest destination of the summer!

Whether you're traveling with a small or large group, a work group or with your friends, Suomenlinna and its surrounding areas will captivate minds forever! Lagoon MEETING cruise package is the perfect way to start a beautiful summer day at sea. Lagoon our rental boat can stop for a lunch break at Suomenlinna's guest marina. Here you can make a short sightseeing visit to Suomenlinna after lunch to the dry dock. Our sailing continues in a good mood towards Kauppatori, where your meeting cruise can end. In these seascapes steeped in history, you can feel the past coming back to you.

Menu Suomenlinna

Menu Suomenlinna €44

The UNESCO world heritage site demands its worth as a companion meal set. Menu Suomenlinna is a cold meal package prepared with good taste. Ham, salmon, cheeses, chili with side dishes. What else could be enjoyed on a hot summer day. Oh, a glass of sparkling wine and your journey can begin.

Menu Suomenlinna

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