Sailing Camp: Meeting

Start an interesting meeting day with a tasty breakfast at restaurant Blue Peter, HSK's yacht club in Lauttasaari. Your own cabinet in the restaurant guarantees an efficient start to the meeting. After breakfast, the group transfers to the yacht and heads out to sea. On a yacht, there is uninterrupted peace to delve into the meeting program. 

The catamaran's salon is equipped with a large screen and high-quality technology, so even remote participation in the meeting can be done with high-quality Wi-Fi without any problems. If necessary, we also bring moderation or secretarial services to the catamaran. The spacious salon with a 360° sea view is an inspiring meeting space. Creative conversations and or ideation can be continued on the bow net of the catamaran, where the sea breeze refreshes the mind.

A tasty lunch is enjoyed at sea, and even before landing, new shared experiences can be included in the program, such as knotting school or golfers' putting club.

Contents of the Sailing Camp: Meeting day:

  • Digital invitation cards and registration management
  • Day sailing
  • Menu Lonna


  • 10-12 people + YachtsAgent's crew
  • Vessel options: Lagoon 50 Karioca ll+, Lagoon 39 Xodó, Lagoon 42 Balance 3 or Lagoon 42 Balance 4
  • Departure from Lauttasaari and return to Kuppatori / Other ports by agreement
  • Duration about 6 hours / by agreement


From €237/person*

YachtsAgent's experienced crew takes care of the meeting arrangements down to the smallest detail.

Additional services can be brought to the sailing, for example:

  • Secretarial services
  • Moderator
  • Fishing
  • Rope school
  • Puttskaba
  • Visit to the inner lake of Pentala island
  • Sauna evening on the island


Let's plan together the best package for you!

(*Starting price for a group of 12 guests, VAT 0 %).

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