Menu Les Sables serves authentic French delicacies with local drinks. It is an excellent party menu for birthdays, for example!

  • Appetizer assortment of seafood, French pâtés and terrines, and meat products

  • Main course duck leg confit with side dishes

  • A baguette with it

    Menu Les Sables €67
    • Tip: complete the dessert menu with cognac, or add champagne tasting to the day!


Special diets

We carry out the servings according to the wishes of our customers. We always take into account dietary wishes and food allergies that have been announced in advance. 


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Inspired by ocean sailors' Les Sables-dÓlonne!

Les Sables-dÓlonne is a picturesque seaside town on the edge of the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean. Every four years, one of the most demanding sailing competitions in the world, the Vendee Globe, starts from there. The competition has simple rules: who will sail alone in the shortest time without stopping around the globe. Piece of cake – huh? Also everyone's Lagoon catamaranof our home base is located here, and that's why we want to serve the taste world born here to all our customers. Bon appetit!

“Bon appetit”

Les Sables-dÓlonne

Vive la France!

Baguette, champagne, Napoleon... Lagoon! So all these things come from France. Experience with us a breath of Frenchness with the help of our high-quality Lagoon catamarans. We recommend Lagoon to you AVOMERI cruise package, where your group will have time to enjoy the pearls of the Gulf of Finland archipelago for all the money. Combine your day with a bit of an "official" thing or immediately release the atmosphere with a Lagoon champagne tasting.

Lagoon 42 s/y Balance 3

Menu Les Sables €67

The French world of flavors brings to mind good wines, seafood, pâtés and, above all, the baguette, that authentic French bread. Terrines and meat products are definitely part of the French dinner table. The tasty assortment of appetizers is crowned by duck leg confits with side dishes. For dessert, perhaps espresso and good cognac. Ce la Vie!

Les Sables

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In addition to ready-made menu options, we also carry out servings according to our customers' wishes. We also take into account food allergies and special diets reported in advance. Click the button below and let's talk more!


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