Lagoon Days with Highfield 2024

11.-12.6.2024 In Lauttasaari, Helsinki, in the HSK port


Lagoon Days With Highfield 2024 in Lauttasaari, Helsinki

Welcome to celebrate Lagoon's 40 years from the sky at the unforgettable Lagoon Days With Highfield event, which will take place on June 11-12, 2024 in Helsinki's Lauttasaari at the HSK harbor. 

The event opens up to you a world where maritime elegance and top-class performance meet. Among other things, the Lagoon 46 catamaran, which arrived in Finland in May 2024, is on display. At the event, you can get to know this top ship, and what's best Lagoon 46 is for sale and immediately available, waiting for its new lucky owner. In addition, the event will be presented Lagoon 42.

The event will also feature Highfield RIB boats from the Sport collection, known for their performance and quality. You can get to know and, if you wish, also test drive the models: Sport 700, Sport 520 and Sport 460. 

The event is open on Wednesday, June 11. and 12 June 2024 from 3 to 6 p.m. 

Address: Vattuniemen Puistotie 1, 00210 Helsinki 

Please reserve your presentation time in advance if you want to get to know the boats more closely, together with the experts. You can find the time availability links at the end of the page.

Come join us and celebrate Lagoon's 40 years

The event invites all seafaring lovers to celebrate this significant milestone. Lagoon is known for its innovative and stylish boats that have lit up the sea and the hearts of sailors around the world. Built over 40 years, the Lagoon brand reflects a commitment to quality, design and performance that has made it one of the world's most respected and sought after sailboat manufacturers. Join us in celebrating this unique moment!

Lagoon 46 - Immediately available

Welcome to the Lagoon 46 catamaran, the perfect haven for adventures at sea! This stylish and spacious catamaran offers luxurious comfort and top-class performance. Great design combined with innovative features make this boat the perfect choice for those who value quality and freedom on the water. Lagoon 46 takes you on adventures to the world's most beautiful destinations. 

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Sports Car Center included too!

The event is organized together with SCC – Sports Car Center. On the day of the event, you can get to know Sports Car Center's wonderful car models! Tell us your wishes in advance, and we will try to ensure the presentation of your desired model at the event.

SCC – Sports Car Center staff will be on site to tell more about the cars on display and the company's wide range of cars. You can get to know the car selection in advance from here.

At the event, SCC will also present the new trends in car financing - SCC Car financing.

Check feelings from 2022 Lagoon Days with Highfield event

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Lagoon 46

This new and magnificent Lagoon 46 has arrived in Finland in the spring of 2024. It offers an attractive option for sailors looking for a large and "modern" boat with a flybridge. The Lagoon 46 model seduces with bold solutions, spacious spaces and wonderful panoramic views.

Lagoon 42

Lagoon 42 stands out with its new finished style. The wonderful stylish exterior is a mix of genuine Lagoon tradition and new and bold innovative design, which emphasizes the boat's streamlined shapes and the dazzling panoramic view from the boat's salon. 

Highfield Sport 700

Stylish and reliable, the Highfield Sport 700 offers top-class performance and comfort. The boat's Jykevä powder-coated aluminum frame and deep 26° V-bottom together with a wide range of equipment make boating enjoyable. The ride can accommodate up to 14 people.

Highfield Sport 520

The Highfield Sport 520 is designed for versatile use, offering a robust aluminum hull, rigid packaging and high-quality Hypalon tubes, which together with a deep V-bottom make it a durable and easy-to-use boat for up to 10 people. 

Highfield Sport 460

The Highfield Sport 460 is a compact and versatile RIB designed for performance and practicality. The deep V-bottom ensures stability and performance in various water conditions The boat can accommodate up to 9 people. 

Book an introduction to Lagoons

You can reserve your own presentation time for Lagoon catamarans in advance using the form below. Please reserve an appointment for only one ship at a time. If you want to get to know both Lagoons, please fill out the form again. After filling out the form and selecting the ship, an appointment window opens for you, where you can select the desired date and time for the presentation.

By making an appointment in advance, you ensure that you can visit the Lagoons at exactly the time you want, but you are still very welcome to the event without a reservation, but be prepared for the fact that you may have to queue at the event if you want to visit the Lagoons. 

Are you planning an event or buying a boat?

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