Lagoon 46 for the 2024 season

Lagoon 46 offers an enjoyable sailing

Lagoon 46 for the 2024 season - act fast!

We have pre-ordered Lagoon 46, which will be delivered to the waters of Helsinki for the 2024 season. This three-cabin specimen is wonderfully equipped, but you can also influence the equipment yourself for the time being - as long as you make a decision quickly! 

Lagoon 46 to YachtsAgent Fleet

This individual can be connected to YachtsAgent's Fleet, in which case you will receive charter income for the boat and you can acquire the boat without VAT. So your savings are considerable!

Lagoon Charter takes care of your boat and you get a return on your investment to cover operating costs. The service works excellently and is a hassle-free overall solution for the owner.

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Ensure the price advantage!

The basic price of the boat is €661,500 + VAT

The basic price is about 10 % cheaper than the order price of a new boat!

You can still influence the equipment of the boat, so the final total price changes according to the desired equipment. So contact us and arrange a meeting where we can look at the pricing together.


Technical information


VPLP Design

Structural design

Patrick le Quément​

Interior design

Nauta Design​


13.99 m


15.77t (EEC)


2 x 57 HP


7.96 m

Mast height

23.21 m

Fuel tank​

2 x 520 l


1.30 m

Sail area in total

123 m2

Water tank

2 x 300 l


A 12, B 14, C 20, D 30 (CE)

Delivery time

Lagoon 46 will be delivered in April 2024. The boat will participate in the Multihull Boat Show in La Grande Motte and then it will be sailed to Finland. 
This sailing allows its new owner a wonderful adventure sailing with our professional skipper. 

Want to hear more?

If you are interested in this Lagoon 46 boat, which will be delivered in spring 2024, and you want to know more about its delivery, please contact us! 

-Team YachtsAgent

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