Highfield Sport 700

Insurance and financing

Dream boat in a way that suits your finances: Check out Highfield Installment financing!

Highfield Installment financing

With flexible Highfield installment financing, you can make your boating dreams come true! Installment financing is provided by Santander.

Highfield Installment financing in brief:

  • Loan amount €1,000–€500,000
  • Financing even without a down payment
  • Loan term up to five years (60 months)
  • Invoicing monthly. Last installment on a case-by-case basis.
  • Comprehensive insurance must be taken out for financed boats. We recommend our long-term insurance partner for this Alandian insurances.
  • Approved credit decision no purchase required yet, the financing decision is valid for 3 months.

How do you apply for financing for your boat?

A credit decision is easily applied for in connection with a boat sale. The seller will make an installment agreement with you and, if necessary, help with questions related to financing. For a credit decision, you need online banking credentials or a mobile certificate.

In Highfield Installment financing, your boat serves as collateral for the financing, and you do not need separate additional collateral or guarantors. Highfield Installment financing is safe and easy - you can choose a monthly installment that suits your finances and a payment period of up to 60 months. You can fill out the form below, and you will be contacted and the matter will proceed smoothly.

An approved credit decision does not require the purchase of a boat! You can request a financing decision in advance when considering the purchase of a boat.

Highfield Installment financing is a safe and easy way to get a boat - you can choose the monthly installment that suits you and you can pay for up to 60 months.

Duration and termination of the installment agreement

Highfield Installment financing has a fixed interest rate and monthly installments throughout the contract period. It is possible to pay off the installment contract before the end of the contract period. You can handle matters related to your contract in Santander's online service. Once you have paid the financing for your boat in full, the boat becomes your property. Comprehensive insurance must be taken out for the financed boats, which is handled easily when applying for a loan.

Insurance for a new boat: Highfield boats' insurance partner is Alandia

Alandia is the partner for insuring Highfield boats.
  • Alania only insures boats, watercraft and ships. Alandia's insurance is best suited for boaters in the Baltic Sea region. For the insurance offer, we need your contact information, your boat's information, and your future boating area. We deliver the information to Alandia, who makes an offer to you.

Installment financing is provided by Santander. Insurance services for Highfield boats are provided by Alandia.

Request a financing and/or insurance offer!

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