Sailing Camp: For sailors 

Is it time to try sailing on a catamaran? The renewed Parasailor sails pull Kat to an unprecedented speed! At Sailing Camp, you will experience a sailing feeling that cannot be achieved with a monohull sailboat. Let our professional crew show you what sailing on a big yacht is like at its best! With the Parasailor sails of the catamaran, you can enjoy sailing to the fullest even in 4-5 knots of wind! 

A day on a catamaran is guaranteed to be a different sailing day for sailors used to monohulls. At sea, you can also practice bihull steering and beaching. 

For those who want speed and new experiences, the super popular roof race is perfect! Let's raise the sails on two catamarans and race at speed in the Gulf of Finland - this is worth experiencing!

Experience something new and jump at the helm of a catamaran!

Sailing Camp: Contents of the day for sailors:

  • Digital invitation cards and registration management
  • Basics and special features of catamaran sailing -intro
  • Menu Suomenlinna


  • Max. 10-12 people + YachtsAgent's crew
  • Vessel options: Lagoon 50 Karioca ll+, Lagoon 39 Xodó, Lagoon 42 Balance 3 or Lagoon 42 Balance 4
  • Departure from Lauttasaari and return to Kuppatori / Other ports by agreement
  • Duration about 6 hours / by agreement

From €239/person*

Additional services can be brought to the sailing, for example:

  • Code 0 sail and instruction manual
  • Parasailor sailing guidance (with Lagoon 39 and 42 boats)
  • Special sailing courses
    • e.g. optimization of sailing direction (VMG) with navigation equipment
  • Sauna evening on the island


Let's plan together the best package for you! (*Starting price for a group of 12 guests, VAT 0 %).

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