Sailing - An environmentally friendly experience at sea

Choose a more environmentally friendly way to get to know Finland's beautiful nature from the sea.

The wind catches the sails and the catamaran floats lightly and steadily on the waves, you can feel the connection with nature and the power of the sea. Sailing is an experience that offers the opportunity to enjoy wonderful scenery from the sea and at the same time make environmentally friendly choices.

Low-emission movement at sea

One of the biggest environmentally friendly advantages of sailing is its low emissions. A sailboat moves with the force of the wind. It does not produce emissions in the same way as a boat powered by an internal combustion engine. This significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution, which adversely affect the climate and marine ecosystems. On our ships, the boat's operating electricity is produced with solar panels. By choosing sailing instead of motorboating, we can reduce our carbon footprint and do our part to curb climate change.

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Environmentally friendly sailing practices

As charter sailing providers, we at YachtsAgent have a responsibility to protect marine ecosystems. It is important to follow environmentally friendly practices, such as avoiding anchoring in protected water areas. In addition, it is important to take care of the waste generated by sailing - garbage does not belong in the sea. The waste water produced by sailing is stored in tanks and disposed of properly at waste water disposal sites managed by Helsinki.

On sailings organized by YachtsAgent, we use reusable containers, thus avoiding the use of disposable products.

Promoting responsible tourism

When we plan a sailing route together with the customer, we choose destinations and routes that support the local culture and economy without harmful environmental effects. Sustainable tourism helps to preserve the beauty of nature for the pleasure of tourists in the future as well.

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Dining on Charter sailings

On Charter sailings organized by YachtsAgent, tasty and delicious food is an essential part of the sailing experience. The food enjoyed on sailings is provided by our long-term partner. 

In cooperation with the restaurant, we have created our own Lagoon Charter catering proposals for sailings, which can be customized according to the customers' preferences. 

Environmentally friendly pleasure at sea

Charter sailings offered by YachtsAgent offer a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the sea and nature while making environmentally friendly choices. Even with small decisions, such as sailing instead of motoring and following environmentally conscious practices, we can have a significant impact on the state of the environment. Every sailing trip can be a step towards a more sustainable tomorrow, both for the sea and for all of us.

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How would it sound to organize an environmentally friendly sailing experience?

Do you want to hear more about the charter services we offer? Find out about our services in Finland using the button below or contact us using the button below and we will organize an environmentally friendly experience at sea together!


Highfield By YachtsAgent Vene 24 Båt boat fair

Highfield By YachtsAgent present at Vene 24 Båt fair. Come and see the high-quality Highfield RIB boats.

Boot Düsseldorf Boat Fair 20-28 January 2024

Boot, the world's largest yacht exhibition, will be held in Düsseldorf again. Highfield presents nine RIB boats at the show.
Highfield test drive day - Lauttasaari 7 October 2023

Highfield test drive day 14.10. In Lauttasaari

Highfield test drive day in Lauttasaari 14.10. Highfield SP460, SP700 and PA540 on trial.

Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

YachtsAgent invites you to Cannes Yachting Festival 12-17 September 2023.
Floating boat show in Lauttasaari!

YachtsAgent participating in Uiva boat show 2023

YachtsAgent with Uiva 17-20 August 2023. On display, e.g. Lagoon 42 and Lagoon 50. Test drive dates 12-13 May 2023 Test drive days are organized in Helsinki's Lauttasaari.
You can always find current news about boating on this page. The multihull boat show MultiHull Boat Show in France's La Grande Motte creates a real party feeling.

Multihull Boat Show 2023

Multihull Boat Show 12. - 16.4.2023, in La Grande Motte, France.

We are on board!

Finally, we get back to Boot @Düsseldorf! This is the biggest boat show in the world.

ARC+ 2022 is underway

The World Racing Club organizes the legendary ARC sailing.

Boat 23 Båt at the Helsinki Exhibition Center

Vene 23 Båt is the largest boating event in Northern Europe.
Lagoon Cannes

YachtsAgent in Cannes

YachtsAgent sold three Lagoon catamarans in Cannes, being the best Lagoon seller in Northern Europe.
Cannes Yachting Festival - Lagoon stand

Cannes Yachting Festival 2022

YachtsAgent invites you to Cannes Yachting Festival 6-11 September 2022
Yachtsagent Uiva2020

YachtsAgent participating in the Uiva 2022 boat show

Book your own presentation time at the YachtsAgent trade fair stand for the Uiva 2022 boat show.

Cannes Yachting Festival 7-12 September 2021

The exhibition presents Lagoon 40, 46, SIXTY 5 and SEVENTY 7 as well as the new Lagoon 55!


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