Crab, crab, crab………

Spend an unforgettable crab party at sea in the company of delicious red-backed moustache. That's not going to get better guys! Paper lanterns, table decoration, and the main guest himself spotted crab (pacifastacus leniusculus) brings water to the tongue. As side dishes, dill, toast, butter, chardonnay, and schnapps form an unforgettable party. At its best, a velvet-soft evening in August crowns the trip. A journey where we sail calmly towards the long silver moon bridge.

Crab feast at sea


Helan går ! And the song is fresh catamarans on deck!

Helan går! Sjunghoppfaderallanllallanleij! Helan går! Sjunghoppfaderallanlej! Och den som inte Helan tar, han ej eller Halvan får. Helan går! Sjunghoppfaderallanlej! HEY! Vi ses ombord! THE CRAB PARTY AT SEA CAN BEGIN!

Crab feast at sea

Pleasure for all the senses!

You can choose between three different crab feast menus: Brändö, Rövaren or Söderskär. As a starter or main course, delicious domestic spotted crabs 5-11 pcs/person. The main course options are melt-in-your-mouth pork chops or tender stewed duck with the necessary side dishes. White chocolate panna cottas celebrate the pleasure of taste and elevate the evening to its rightful value.


Lagoon crab party at sea

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