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Are you already the lucky owner of a Lagoon catamaran? If you are, this site is made for you! We organize an exclusive program both in Finland and elsewhere in the world. So take advantage of your benefits all over the world and start a joint journey with us. Membership offers the opportunity to meet and network with other owners of Lagoon catamarans. You get to share and hear tips, advice and experiences about sailing in different parts of the world.


Club Lagoon offers its members expert technical support and advice to help you maintain  your Lagoon catamaran.

Membership offers many benefits that make owning a Lagoon catamaran an even more rewarding experience. Join us and enjoy the best services, products and experiences that Lagoon and its partners can offer you!

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Lagoon is known for quality and innovation, and more than 6,000 catamarans manufactured by it sail around the world in the hands of their satisfied owners. As a member of the club, you can participate in various exclusive events, such as regattas, sailing competitions and boat fairs. International and wonderful events offer a great opportunity to meet other sailors, share experiences, develop your skills and get new ideas for sailing and boating.

In addition, members benefit from special offers and discounts that make sailing and boating even more enjoyable.

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Special prices and benefits for members!

Discover the comprehensive owner benefits by becoming a member! Partner marinas and brands offer members special prices and benefits, such as discounts on boating supplies and services.  

YachtsAgent is an expert in the boat industry and we offer top-class services and boats to meet all our customers' needs and wishes. Join us as a Club Lagoon member and become part of the global sailing family! We look forward to sharing the highlights of the sailing world with you.


We have long experience in sailing Lagoon catamarans and charter services. If you want more information about boats or our services, don't hesitate to contact us! -Team YachtsAgent
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