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Plan unforgettable events at sea or make your dreams come true by sailing in the Mediterranean

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We offer the best charter services! YachtsAgent organizes exceptional Lagoon Charter sailings in Finland, and offers a wide range of charter services in Croatia and around the world. Contact us and we will help you organize a sailing trip that meets your needs! 

Charter services in Finland

Lagoon Charter is the ideal option for hosting corporate events, formal occasions, employee wellness days, or important meetings. providing an exceptional and memorable experience for all attendees. 

Sailing is also a great way to celebrate anniversaries or other special days with loved ones, or simply just enjoy life.

When you want to leave a positive, long-lasting memory, Lagoon Charter is the right choice!

Sailing experiences and charter services for you

The best attention to the customer

Lagoon Charter crew is committed to ensuring you have an exceptional experience onboard. As experts in both maritime operations and customer service, our mission is to cater to your needs at sea, so that you can focus on enjoying your special event. With our attentive and personalized service, you can trust that your every wish will be met with the utmost care and expertise.

A venue without distractions

Lagoon Charter offers four luxury sailing boats that guarantee smooth sailing, a safe environment and pleasant conditions while sailing in our wonderful archipelago.

No fear of nausea

Sailing on a catamaran is more stable than on other types of boats. Thanks to the interiors of high-class Lagoon catamarans, the setting for sailing is guaranteed regardless of the weather. 

Dining like in top class restaurants

With Lagoon Charter you will experience a unique dining experience in the best seascape. With us, you will enjoy first-class service, tasty food and wines that go well with the food in the embrace of the sea.

Environmentally friendly option

Sailing is a more environmentally friendly way to spend time at sea, without sacrificing luxury.

Wonderful archipelago destinations

The Baltic Sea archipelago offers a wonderful setting for charter sailing. Combine golfing in Isosaari with sailing, an adventure in Vallisaari or head to the outer archipelago for open sea sailing.

Interesting program and water sports

Combine a charter sailing with interesting program such as a live music show, high-quality lunches and dinners, water sports activities or golfing in Isosaari.   

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Discover the sailing services we offer in Croatia

The sailing season in Croatia will start soon! Make the sailing of your dreams come true in Croatia's stunning scenery and clear turquoise waters.

YachtsAgent Fleet in Croatia includes five luxury catamarans, with which even a larger group is guaranteed an unforgettable sailing vacation. The sailing season in Croatia starts in early spring and ends in late autumn. Get to know YachtsAgent Fleet and our services in Croatia by downloading our latest brochure!

Charter services in Croatia

YachtsAgent Charter offers unique sailing experiences all year round. Sailing in Croatia under the Mediterranean sun is an amazing experience.

We have long-term partners in Croatia, and we tell you the best tips for local restaurants, routes and beaches.

YachtsAgent customizes the sailing trip according to your wishes! 

Sailing in Croatia is an unforgettable experience

A long sailing season

Experience magnificent landscapes and a warm sea breeze in the clear waters of Croatia from April until late autumn. Thanks to the high-quality technology of our catamarans, you can enjoy sailing on a heated deck even all year round!

Amazing culture and breathtaking views

Croatia has a rich culture and history, wonderful nature and clear sea water. The coast is full of small villages where you can enjoy local food, music and culture. 

Wonderful nature

There are 1246 islands in the Adriatic Sea, and the environment is full of clear water lagoons and wonderful nature. Clean beaches, warm water and secret coves will make your vacation magical. The Adriatic coast is one of the sunniest in Europe!

Activities for everyone

Croatia offers a wonderful setting for relaxation, lounging and enjoying good wine and food, but it is also a paradise for someone looking for more sporty activities. Snorkeling, swimming, wakeboarding, water skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, caving, snorkeling, quad bike adventures and of course sailing. The possibilities are limitless!


YachtsAgent always offers you the best experience at sea. We are sailing professionals and we are at your service, whether you want to sail in Finland, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or even in the warmth of the Seychelles.


Would now be the right time to fulfill your dreams and embark on a charter sailing adventure across the Indian Ocean in the Seychelles, or to relax in the Caribbean Sea at the pace of the merengue?

The sailing holiday of your dreams is possible even without previous sailing experience, when you book a professional skipper to take care of the sailing.

Contact us and we will tell you the best tips for charter sailing destinations!

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