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The Caribbean is a sailor's mecca

In the Caribbean, you can sail in ideal conditions, just when it's cold in Finland. The season is normally from October to the end of April. YachtsAgent has several partners with well-maintained boats and ready-made services, e.g. In the ports of Martinique (Le Marin) and Guadeloupe (Pointe-à-Pitre), the Bahamas or Road Town in the BVI. On a sailing holiday, everyday worries change to the relaxed rhythm of life in the tropics. Caribbean sailing is a dream vacation for many. It combines relaxation on endless sandy beaches and the pleasure of sailing in the warm sea. In the Caribbean, a dream vacation becomes a reality when dolphins splash under the bow net and tropical fish sparkle in all the colors of the rainbow. The lively rhythm of life of the Caribbean, the relaxed and immediate atmosphere welcome you to the most wonderful sailing of your life!

Sailing trips and islands with a taste of life

In the Caribbean, renting a boat is not tied to a weekly rental, but you can rent a boat for as long as you want. Well-functioning air and ship connections between the islands make one-way sailing easy. If you want, you can sail from, for example, Martinique to Guadeloupe and leave the boat in a different port than your departure port. Round-trip sailing is easy to do because, for example, Air France sells round-trip flights at no extra charge, such that the flight is, for example, Helsinki – Martinique and the return is Guadeloupe – Helsinki. 

Combine a sailing holiday with diving on the island of Guadeloupe, and discover its famous and protected Costeau diving area. Golfers start their vacation at Martinique's seaside course, continuing their swings on the islands of St. Lucia or Guadeloupe. In the Caribbean, you enjoy beach life surrounded by tropical nature: snorkel in the world of corals and turtles! In the spring and winter, the luckiest sailors witness the annual migration of humpback whales to the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. 

Choosing a boat in the Caribbean – with or without a skipper

The sailing holiday of your dreams is possible even without previous sailing experience. This can be done by booking a professional skipper to take care of the sailing. While the skipper is in charge of the boat, you can choose whether you want to participate in the crew's duties or just relax on the yacht. Our skippers are sailing professionals who know the area. In addition to prevailing weather and wind forecasts, the planning of sailing routes is always based on a good knowledge of the area.

You can also book a hostess for the boat's crew. The hostess prepares a delicious breakfast and lunch on the boat, and takes care of grocery shopping. Hostess brings real luxury to sailing, so you can enjoy sailing without worries. The crew takes care of the sailing, you and the safety of the trip.

We will help you choose the most suitable boat for your group: you can choose a monohull or maybe try a luxury catamaran for the first time. 

Catamarans are very popular in the Caribbean. In the Caribbean, going to port often means anchoring. In this case, it is important that the boat has large water tanks, a water machine and enough electricity. Many come to the Caribbean to enjoy comfortable, relaxed and peaceful sailing. Living in a catamaran is pleasant, as it rocks very calmly even at anchor.

In the sailing areas of the British Virgin Islands and St. Martin, YachtsAgent offers a comprehensive selection of monohulls and double hulls. Our partners in the area are, for example, Navigare Yachting, whose high-quality services extend to the entire Caribbean region.

Check out the available boat models from here.

Route tips from a pro

Our customers often choose a two-week sailing, because the trips take one day each way. A longer vacation gives you the opportunity to relax. Enjoy sailing, a relaxed lifestyle and explore the local islands. Depending on your itinerary, you will have time to sail south from Martinique to the Grenadines or you can choose a leisurely sailing route Martinique-St.Lucie-Martinique-Dominica-Les Saintes-Guadeloupe. In the British Virgin Islands, the islands are closer to each other and you can easily create a sailing route that suits you. YachtsAgent's professionals are experienced sailing professionals. We are happy to share tested tips about the services of the Caribbean region and the possibilities of the islands.

Own sailboat for the Caribbean

Yacht Ownership enables you to purchase the sailboat of your dreams affordably and place it in the Caribbean. We always design YachtsAgent's financing programs according to the customer's individual needs. In the program, sailing boat investment and maintenance is tailored according to usage needs, optimizing the return target. We also offer Navigare Yachting's Yacht Investment programs around the world. Make your dreams come true and get to know each other for Yacht Ownership financing. You can also enjoy the advantages of the owner by investing only part of the price of the vessel.

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