SEA.AI technology offers safer and more interesting sailing 


SEA.AI technology is the latest technology using camera technology, which detects underwater objects that cannot be recognized by traditional radars. It recognizes e.g. logs, containers, buoys, kayaks or animals and people in the vicinity of the vessel. 

Advanced technology

SEA.AI combines lowlight and thermal camera observations using the latest technology and an extensive database, and warns the crew in good time when the object is detected. With this technology, sailing is now even safer and more interesting!

It detects and identifies objects with the help of artificial intelligence and warns automatically. The system integrates with the ship's navigation system and displays the targets on the plotter screen.

An intelligent system for your safety

The artificial intelligence of SEA.AI technology operates with the help of a constantly growing database. With regular updates, your SEA.AI system keeps getting smarter!

SEA.AI systems are available in three different versions, SENTRY, OFFSHORE and COMPETITION, which meet different needs from ordinary sailors to larger ships and the needs of authorities.


SENTRY is an efficient and precise tool for even very demanding use.

from €45,999 VAT 0%

SEA.AI SENTRY recognizes objects both in light and in the dark. It detects large ships on the horizon, Sailboats and motorboats at a distance of 7,500 m and smaller boats such as rubber boats at a distance of 3,000 m. It recognizes smaller objects such as logs or people in the water from a distance of 700 m.  

SENTRY is suitable for use by both private sailors and authorities on larger vessels. It has the longest detection distance and the widest detection angle, as well as the densest detection speed, 10 s. SENTRY is an efficient and accurate tool for even very demanding use.



Artificial intelligence-based navigation technology with 3 cameras (1 RGB and 2 thermal cameras) and an artificial intelligence processor.




from €10,999 VAT 0%


The same hardware as OFFSHORE One, but equipped with an external process unit. Wider detection angle and higher detection frequency improve performance in poor sea conditions.



from €20,999 VAT 0%


Same processing power as OFFSHORE 320 but higher resolution of thermal cameras. Better detection efficiency (longer distance and smaller targets) Higher resolution and better e-zoom features.


from €33,990 VAT 0%

SEA.AI OFFSHORE recognizes large ships from the horizon, motorboats and sailboats from a distance of 1000-2,000 m, rubber boats and dinghies from a distance of 250-750 m, and buoys and people in the water from a distance of 100-150 m. 

It recognizes objects even at night from an angle of 50 degrees, and depending on the OFFSHORE model, in daylight from an angle of 50 or 110 degrees (OFFSHORE 320 & 640.) 

SEA.AI OFFSHORE ONE is a compact system that contains three cameras. One RGB and two thermal cameras, and an artificial intelligence processor unit.

SEA.AI OFFSHORE 320 is the choice of an adventurous boater on the high seas. Advanced image stabilization and 6 frames per second detection frequency perform reliably even in more difficult conditions.

SEA.AI OFFSHORE 640 is the choice of large sailing ships. Full processing power together with high-resolution thermal cameras produce a higher screen resolution, more advanced e-zoom features and the best recognition. (Longer distance, smaller objects) 

OFFSHORE 640 is your choice for safer open sea sailing.

Offshore comparison

SEA.AI competition


SEA.AI COMPETITION 320 combines state-of-the-art camera technology and artificial intelligence.

from €26,999 VAT 0%


The COMPETITION 640 is a premium anti-collision system for competitive sailors.

from €38,990 VAT 0%


Ultralight 750g camera unit for rotating masts. The detection range is standard and advanced electronic image stabilization as well as automatic mast rotation compensation and +/-50 degree manual panning help even in tough situations. 

The difference to the COMPETITION 320 model is the advanced 640×512 px resolution of the two thermal cameras.

Ultralight SEA.AI COMPETITION units for the rotating masts of racing boats offer reliable object detection in all situations - especially when the speed is fast. 



Ultralight 750g camera unit for rotating masts. The detection range is standard and electronic image stabilization as well as automatic mast rotation compensation and +/-50 degree manual panning help even in tough situations. The resolution of thermal cameras is 320 x 256 px. 

Competition comparison

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