Parasailor – renewed open wind sail


Parasailor enables easy, safe and enjoyable open wind sailing.
Forget the spinnaker boom! The exceptional supporting wing of the sail enables sailing without a boom and furling device. The Parasailor high-end sail is designed for easy downwind and open wind sailing. With the included EasySnuffer Pro sock, lifting the sail is incredibly easy and the risk of the sail and ropes getting tangled is really small.
The new generation open wind sail is clearly more efficient, more stable, safer and easier to sail than its predecessor.

Parasailor offers better performance

The renewed hybrid wing of the Parasailor sail optimizes the air flow towards the sail frame and significantly improves performance compared to the previous model. A patent has been applied for the unique innovation.

Parasailor is significantly more stable

The hybrid wing of the new Parasailor sail gives the sail more lift. The sail reacts sensitively even in smaller winds. The wing increases the Parasailor's stability while effectively spreading the entire sail area.

Increased security

The new shape of the wing has made it possible to reduce the surface area of the wing, which makes it easier to lift the Parasailor and keeps the sail in its shape better. Easier handling increases safety and offers comfort.

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Parasailor offers more enjoyable sailing

Compared to the previous model, with the new Parasailor sail you can enjoy sailing even at very low wind speeds. you can sail effortlessly even in 3 knots (approx. 2 m/s) wind. 

More choice

You can order the new Parasailor open wind sail according to your own taste. There are 15 standard colors to choose from, of which three are new: gold, lime and graphite grey. The dark color in motion makes it easier to detect the movements of the sail in bright light. Choose the color you like or order a customized coloring and logo for your sail according to your wishes.

A completely renewed Parasailor with a hybrid wing

The new generation Parasailor offers significantly better performance, stability, safety and better sailing pleasure. The patented technology of the New Generation Parasailor has many technical improvements.

Parasailor wing geometry

Compared to the previous model, the external dimensions of the new hybrid wing are much smaller. The most striking element of the new wing is the combination of a long, continuous upper sail and a shorter lower sail layer. In this way, the top sail forms a continuous shape all the way to the trailing edge. The end result of the design is a combination of a dynamic pressure wing and a simple wing. These hybrid features have many advantages.

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Pitch and tilt angle

The higher pitch angle and greater camber of the wings give the unique redesigned hybrid wing structure a noticeable increase in lift characteristics and stability. Compared to its predecessor, the improved performance also makes the wing more responsive and can be used at significantly lower wind speeds than before. You can use the NG Parasailor in up to 3 s wind speed depending on the course.

Parasailor: Smaller wing area

The new wing model enables a vertical reduction of the wing surface, which makes raising and lowering the new Parasailor much easier and increases safety. The smaller surface area creates less resistance threshold in the sail sock, so the sail can be lowered faster and more easily.

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Integrated network

Another novelty is the integrated mesh at the inlet of this ground-breaking hybrid wing. The structure optimizes the position of the leading edge of the wing and enables a larger inlet opening. The integration leads to an increase in the internal pressure of the wing and a cleaner air flow towards the outer geometry of the wing.

Active valve flaps

While in the old dynamic pressure wing, the formation of incoming wind pressure in the wing chamber was achieved by reducing the cross-section, the new model works with valve flaps that actively collect or drain incoming air.

 The advantage of this valve technology is an increase in pressure inside the wing, allowing the wing to open faster and a smaller volume in the opening wing chamber, while allowing the flaps to open better. In addition, the exit of the air from the wing chamber is faster with the help of the valve, because the design allows a larger cross-section of the outflow. 

These features are especially useful when raising and lowering the Parasailor. When the EasySnuffer collection funnel causes the hybrid wing to collapse during lowering, the valve flaps open to facilitate lowering of the sail. The larger discharge opening and smaller volume guarantee faster emptying of the wing. This makes lowering the sail much faster and easier - a clear safety advantage.

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Parasailor standard colors

Naturally, we can customize Parasailor with the coloring you want - as long as you use the colors from our selection. We will also be happy to make an offer for a sail to which you can add your desired logo. You can get more information about all the possibilities when you contact a YachtsAgent representative using the form below. 

Parasailor offers more enjoyable sailing

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