Highfield boats

High-performance and high-quality RIB boats with aluminium hulls 


Highfield boats are of high quality, and their every detail has been carefully considered. The user is always at the center of the design. From the smallest dinghy to the largest offshore RIB, the aluminium hull of each Highfield is powder coated with the products of market leader AkzoNobel Interpo. This achieves a stylish and wear-resistant surface that keeps the boat looking like new year after year.

Even after years of use, aluminium does not get hydrogenated, maintaining its functional properties. Boat pipes are made in our own factory from the world's best materials: French ORCA® Hypalon and German Mehler Valmex® PLUS fabrics. The best materials combined with top-class design and ISO standardized quality control guarantee durable boats.

At the heart of Highfield boats are performance, usability and quality. Comprehensive and versatile Highfield collections are built around these principles. Highfield is the market leader and global player in RIB boats, and it is known worldwide for its top-class quality. 


Highfield boats serve the needs of various users in a versatile way. 

Offering usability, performance and a smooth ride, the RIB boats of the SPORT collection are durable and uncompromising in quality. They are suitable for active movement on water, water sports and as leisure boats for day trips. 

Smaller boats from the SPORT collection are suitable as a first boat for children and work brilliantly as handy little boats in the summer house. Larger models are also suitable for long day trips or to be used in all conditions as a connection boat in the archipelago.

Fall in love with the stability, safety and ease of boats! In the SPORT collection you will find the best RIB boat for memorable moments on the water. 


Also suitable for longer trips

Expand the use of your boat for example by extending day trips into weekend trips by making use of idyllic Bed and Breakfast places in the archipelago. The SPORT collection is as if created for trips in the archipelago.

Deep V bottom

The deep V-bottom guarantees a soft and dry ride, and the boat is easy to handle.

Style and quality meet

The SPORT collection combines Italian design and top-class seaworthiness and aluminium durability.


Highfield boats serve a wide range of different needs, and the Highfield PATROL is the best RIB boat for all sports.

Everything in the Highfield PATROL collection exudes Highfield's DNA, the demanding conditions of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the requirements of which have been taken into account in the design of the boat. When a tool is needed for demanding conditions, driving characteristics and durability are paramount. 

First-class ergonomics combined with performance make the boats of the PATROL collection a desirable tool for professionals and a great platform for demanding boaters with various needs. The details are thought out, the style is reduced and the quality is palpable. Nothing has been left halfway in the design of the boat.


A powerful tool

Performance, excellent driving characteristics and durability guarantee that the boat is suitable for all kinds of conditions.

The credit choice of the demanding boater

A high-quality and well-thought-out boat meets expectations when you demand only the best.

Can be modified according to the purpose of use

Whether you are going fishing, doing water sports or need seaworthy connection boat, you will find a suitable boat in the PATROL collection.


Highfield boats serve a wide range of different needs, and if you are looking for a slightly larger auxiliary boat, the CLASSIC is the perfect choice.

The CLASSIC collection is perfect for a cottage as a boat for the youth, thanks to its stability, easy handling and aluminium hull. If you are looking for a slightly more refined auxiliary boat, CLASSIC is the right choice. Due to its lightness, the Highfield CLASSIC glides well and is easy to tow behind the boat or lift onto davits. All Highfield CLASSIC models are equipped with lifting loops welded to the frame. All Highfield RIBs are designed to withstand heavy wear.

Ask for an offer for a CLASSIC boat also without an engine or with an electric engine!


Also suitable for the youth in the family

The CLASSIC collection is perfect for a cottage, even as a youth boat, thanks to its stability, easy handling and durable aluminium frame.

Ease and storage space

There is a fixed bench in the bow, which offers good storage space for e.g. a fuel tank and a safe step into the boat. 

Light and durable

Thanks to the light aluminium hull, the boat can be easily pulled to shore. The pontoons are made of high-quality materials, either Mehler Valmex® PLUS or Orca® Hypalon. The keel is protected by a rubber strip along the entire length of the hull.


Weight is an important criterion when choosing a boat. When you want to lift dinghy onto davits, overboard or drag it to the beach, lightness and durability are crucial features. Highfield has designed the ULTRA LITE collection with an aluminium hull for this purpose.

The powder-coated aluminium hull makes the boat durable and has excellent driving characteristics. The ULTRA LITE jockey is well suited for towing, as the boats have links for lifting and towing welded to the frame.

The ROLL UP AL collection has a soft sole and an aluminium inner sole, and its aluminium tailboard is connected to the inner sole. With which it is easy to safely lift, for example, onto the deck of a boat. ROLL UP AL does not have water-absorbing material, so its weight remains the same even during long-term use


Easy to lift and tow

The boats of the ULTRA LITE collection have welded links to the hull for lifting and for towing.

High quality and durable

A powder-coated aluminium hull makes the boat durable and has excellent driving characteristics. The pontoons of the ULTRA LITE collection are made of high-quality European materials, either Mehler Valmex® PLUS or Orca® Hypalon. 

No water absorbent material

 The weight of the ROLL UP collection dinghies remains the same even in the long term use because there is no water-absorbing material in it.

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