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YachtsAgent offers the highest quality boats and equipment. Professional and experienced sailing and boating experts will help you choose the products that suit your needs. Check out the amazing Lagoon catamarans, and Highfield's aluminum-hulled RIB boats as well as best boating accessories, and ask for more!


When it comes to spending your leisure time well, Lagoon is the ultimate choice.

 Lagoon catamaran Lagoon is an excellent choice for those seeking a vacation home. With this summer house, you can enjoy year-round sailing wherever you desire! These ships provide ample space and amenities for a delightful time at sea, while their planning and design are top-notch in their industry. 

Experience seamless transitions between the interior and exterior spaces, thanks to the innovative space planning. Delight in a luxurious environment throughout your time onboard, relishing every moment. 

With over two decades of hands-on experience in Lagoon catamarans and sailing, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. We have your back at all stages of ownership, and we also offer comprehensive financing options to get a boat.


Easy to sail

Sailing on a Lagoon catamaran is easy and ergonomic. Refined usability makes managing sailing activities effortless and enjoyable.

Shallow draft

Thanks to the shallow draft of the catamarans, you can sail to the wonderful beaches and coves effortlessly.

Hobby equipment always with you

A dinghy for fishing trips, water skiing equipment and SUP boards can easily fit aboard the Lagoon catamaran.

Kitchen like at home, but better

The catamaran's magnificent and fully equipped kitchen has top-class appliances, with which you can cook delicious gourmet meals for the whole group.

Suitable for Finland's climate

Luxury catamarans have a heated terrace on which you can enjoy the sea breeze even in cooler weather. 

Comprehensive financing options

YachtsAgent's investment program selection has several different options, from which there is a suitable way for every sailor to acquire a sailboat. Whether you want to minimize capital, maximize your own use or rental income - we have the right way for you to get a sailboat!

Space to enjoy

Lagoon catamarans have up to 100 m² of deck space, where you can enjoy sailing in refined, seamlessly integrated indoor and outdoor spaces.

Floating summer house

The Lagoon catamaran is a good option for those planning to buy a vacation home, because with this summer house you can sail all year round wherever you want!


Highfield is a pioneer in efficient motorboats. In these aluminum-hulled RIB boats design, premium materials, and high-quality production come together, resulting in a top-class product that excels in usability. 

The comprehensive Highfield collection offers a boat for every need, whether you're searching for a boat for summer cottage, an efficient and stylish outrigger for leisurely rides, or a high-quality companion for fishing or diving adventures. 

Get to know our high-quality and versatile Highfield collection, and book a presentation appointment!


Designed with the user in mind

Highfield is the world's leading manufacturer of RIB boats with aluminum hulls. The foundations for success have been created in Australia in the harsh conditions of the Great Barrier Reef. Every detail of the boats has been carefully considered, always the user in mind.

Aluminum hull ensures a prolonged lifespan

In every Highfield from the smallest dinghy to the largest open sea RIB, the aluminum frame is powder coated with the products of market leader AkzoNobel Interpo. This achieves a stylish and wear-resistant surface that keeps the boat looking like, new year after year. Even after years of use, aluminum does not get hydrogenated, maintaining its functional properties.

Meets high standards

Highfield has already participated in the world's largest sailing competitions for years by providing a fleet of boats for use by the organizers. Highfield is also a partner of various racing teams, such as Alex Thompson Racing HUGO BOSS. The long-standing cooperation is proof of Highfield boats' ability to meet the high demands of top professionals.

Renowned for its exceptional quality

 Boat pontoons are made in our own factory from the world's best ORCA® Hypalon and Mehler Valmex® PLUS fabrics. The best materials combined with top-class design and ISO standardized quality control guarantee durable boats.


Parasailor enables easy, safe and enjoyable open wind sailing.

The exceptional supporting wing of the sail enables sailing without a boom and furling device. The sail is easy to handle, which increases safety and provides comfort. With the included EasySnuffer Pro sock, lifting the sail is incredibly easy and the risk of the sail and ropes getting tangled is really small. 

Discover Parasailor sails and choose your favorite color from a wide selection, or order a customized coloring and logo for your sail according to your wishes. 


Considerably more stable

In the new Parasailor, the hybrid wing of the sail gives the sail more lifting capacity. The sail responds delicately even to light winds.The wing increases the Parasailor's stability while effectively spreading the entire sail area.

Better performance

Parasailor-sail's renewed hybrid wing optimizes the air flow towards the sail frame and significantly improves performance compared to the previous Parasailor model.

Easy sailing

Parasailor sail is designed for easy downwind and open wind sailing. With the included EasySnuffer Pro sock, lifting the sail is incredibly easy and the risk of the sail and ropes getting tangled is really small.


SEA.AI is a technology that detects underwater objects that cannot be recognized by traditional radars. It recognizes e.g. logs, containers, buoys, kayaks or animals and people near the vessel.

SEA.AI combines lowlight and thermal camera observations using the latest technology and extensive database, and alerts the crew when the object is detected. With this technology, shipping is even safer and more interesting!


Advanced technology

SEA.AI uses the latest camera technology in conjunction with artificial intelligence to detect and classify objects, including those not detected by conventional systems such as radar or AIS: unmarked vessels, floating obstacles, buoys, kayaks and people in the water.

Integrates with the ship's navigation system

SEA.AI detects and identifies objects using artificial intelligence and warns automatically. The system integrates with the ship's navigation system and displays the targets on the plotter screen.

Constantly updated database

SEA.AI -technology's artificial intelligence operates with the help of a constantly growing database. With regular updates, your SEA.AI system keeps getting smarter!

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