Charter Management

The YachtsAgent Charter Management program is a modern way to finance the purchase of a boat

boat financing according to your needs

The YachtsAgent Charter Management program enables the purchase of a boat easily. The program has been operating since 2002, and it is tailored to meet your needs with years of expertise. 

YachtsAgent Charter Management

Charter rental income pays the boat's running costs and generates a positive cash flow that can be used to pay for the boat's financing. 

With the help of the Charter Management program, the boat can be acquired tax-free with up to 65 % discount compared to a privately acquired boat, which must also pay VAT. 

YachtsAgent has delivered several boats to Spain, Croatia and Greece. Croatia is currently the most important country, as the country is the world's number one in the charter market. We offer our services in Croatia through three different rental companies in order to fulfill the customer's own preferences and wishes. 

Unlimited sailing time

In the YachtsAgent Charter Management program, you can sail without restrictions whenever you want - according to your own schedule. This is a unique advantage compared to other investment programs.

We only work with the best and selected partners to ensure quality maintenance and careful charter operation.

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YachtsAgent Charter Management: get the boat of your dreams

YachtsAgent helps you choose the right boat for your needs. We help you choose a suitable financing option and we are your partner in all stages of purchasing and owning a boat. Ask more and we will tell you about our financing options!

An example of the price advantage

 Magnificent Lagoon 46 guarantees complete sailing pleasure. This spacious boat combines freedom and courage with unprecedented comfort and advanced sail solutions that make this boat uniquely easy to control.

Lagoon 46 For private use – €1,364,000 (incl. VAT 24 %)

Lagoon 46 as a charter boat with the help of the program – €440,000 (incl. VAT 0 %)

"Savings" over 65 %, you only pay a down payment of 40 %

Looking for a boat?

YachtsAgent searches for and chooses a suitable option for your needs, we can even customize the entire boat if you wish! Send us a description of your needs using the form, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

-Team YachtsAgent

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