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Buying your own boat is often a big decision that doesn't happen overnight. In matters related to the purchase, equipment, manufacture and delivery of your own boat, it is of the utmost importance that you have a reliable partner to support you in all stages of the purchase process and boat ownership. 

Buying a boat - We help you succeed

YachtsAgent has more than 20 years of experience in selling sailboats, especially catamarans. We know the industry and the products, and we have thought for you of every detail that purchasing a boat entails. 

We are Finland's leading importer of sailboats. We also represent top-quality Highfield RIB boats in Finland and the Baltics.


Boat selection

We'll collaboratively consider the potential uses for your boat, such as renting it out in Finland, the Mediterranean, or even using it for a worldwide voyage. Are you purchasing the boat solo or with a companion? How large will your sailing group be and how many cabins do you envision it to have? Together, we'll define your budget and your preferences regarding the delivery date of the boat. 

First of all, the choice of boat is influenced by what the boat will be used for and how many people. Will it be used for hobby purposes, for example diving, water skiing or fishing? Or is it perhaps an all-around boat for a summer cottage or a connecting boat, or for example a boat to be purchased for a group of friends. 

If your plans involve longer voyages, larger boat options are available. At this stage, we consider factors like the boat's typical sailing area and the usual number of overnight guests. We also need to determine the sailing location: will it be Finland, the Mediterranean, or worldwide? Will the boat mostly navigate in archipelago-like conditions or the open sea, which would influence the degree of seaworthiness needed? Furthermore, we'll consider whether the boat needs to be manageable single-handedly, or if it will require multiple people for control, as this will impact the final choice.

Boat operating costs and budget 

When buying a bigger boat, we also think about whether it is specifically a sailboat or a motorboat. The operating costs and maintenance of the boat can differ a lot between different options, and this should also be considered during the selection phase.

When selecting a boat, it's important to determine your budget and desired delivery timeline. Considerations such as the expected lifespan of the boat and its potential for retaining value are also important factors to bear in mind during the purchasing process.

We know how to ask the right questions, which are used to map your situation and needs. We will assist you in finding a boat that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Boat customization and equipment

Almost all motor and sailboat models always have optional equipment and materials.

YachtsAgent  helps to choose the right options with an eye on the purpose of use, be it technology or surface materials. Northern weather conditions also pose their own challenges, both cold and wet weather. For example, more attention is paid to the quality of the covers of boats located in Finland, and thus the customer is offered a longer boating season.

However, the boat's standard equipment is rarely complete, but is supplemented according to the customer's needs. YachtsAgent has a long experience in the versatile sail equipment of sailboats, as well as the machines and technology of motorboats. Today, boats are also comprehensively equipped with electronic accessories that facilitate navigation and control, such as plotters, automatic steering, electric winches, VHF radio, etc. Functional and high-quality technology makes boating easier and increases safety.

You should also not forget everyday technology, such as the appliances to prepare meals on the boat. It does matter which coffee maker you choose for the boat. YachtsAgent is also helpful in choosing household appliances and other everyday equipment.

Hobby equipment included

Larger boats are also always equipped with water hobbies in mind. SUP boards are often included, a small auxiliary boat for beaching and even an underwater drone for observing the bottom of the boat. Solar panels can be installed on the boat, for example, or an auxiliary boat can be obtained, for example from the Highfield collection. 

With our long experience, we have a refined list of all goods to be purchased for the boat, from a dish brush to floor mats, sheets and life jackets. When equipping a boat, you need to know a surprising amount of details, which can be difficult to figure out without an expert partner. 

At YachtsAgent, we can deliver the boat fully equipped to every inch, so all you have to do is bring the food in the fridge - and we'll deliver that too if necessary!

Financing the boat

In addition to traditional bank financing, there are also new financing options available.

In the Charter Management program, the charter rental income pays for the boat's operating expenses and generates a positive cash flow that can be used for the boat's financing. 

With the help of the YachtsAgent Charter Management program, a boat can be acquired tax-free with the help of a company established for charter operations with a discount of up to 65 % compared to a privately acquired boat, which must also pay VAT. 

Navigare Yacht & Lifestyle investment programs, on the other hand, offer three flexible options for financing. The programs have up to 9-12 % return on capital, which means that you make an annual profit on average more than, for example, securities investments (7 %). Read more From the Navigare Yacht & Lifestyle programs.

When the purchase of a boat is at the point where a suitable boat and a financing option have been found, we at YachtsAgent make an offer for the boat, as well as a preliminary financing offer. 

Ordering the boat

When the offer is accepted, the boat is ordered and the down payment is paid (15%). The boat's estimated delivery time is confirmed before the order is placed. YachtsAgent imports Highfield motorboats, and through YachtsAgent's own storage, some models are available with a short delivery time. 

Larger boats and Lagoon sailboats have a long delivery time because the boats are made according to the customers' wishes. Delivery from the factory also takes more time in larger boats.

Boat manufacturing

When the customer has decided to purchase a Lagoon catamaran, it is interesting to follow the manufacturing process. At YachtsAgent, we supervise the boat manufacturing process on your behalf, as well as provide information about the course of the process. 

When the boat is in the production stage, a traditional "splashing" ceremony is typically held at the factory. Following this, the outfitting of the boat proceeds, and it receives the finishing touches before being handed over to the customer.

Delivery of the boat

We supervise the delivery of Lagoon catamarans for you.  We carefully control the quality of the boat, and check that it meets our quality requirements before handing it over to the customer. 

Upon handing over, the boat is inspected technically with the customer and a test sail is conducted. When the boat is approved, the handover documents are signed. All living and safety equipment is brought to the boat and we also help to place the items in their right places. Based on our experience, we will tell you which locker you should put what in, so that sailing and life on the boat of your dreams would be as smooth as possible.

Own berth

It is worth booking a berth when the purchase of the boat is still at a fairly early stage. Whether you wanted to sail in the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean or elsewhere in the world, we will help you find a suitable port. YachtsAgent has good relationships and long experience in providing a good port location to its customers.

If the boat is to be rented in Croatia using, for example, the Charter Management program, we will also prepare the establishment of a company for the charter business, as well as assist in concluding an operator agreement. We take care of the necessary paperwork, and all you have to do is to familiarize yourself with the documents and sign them.

Boat delivery

YachtsAgent helps in sailing the boat to the home port. In Finland smaller Highfield Motor Boats are delivered in Inkoo or transported as cargo to the place requested by the customer. Larger motorboats can also be driven by water to the home port, depending on the distance.

Lagoon catamarans are always sailed from their manufacturing facility in France to their home port. As mandated by EU regulations, this transfer sailing must be performed by a professional crew. We provide support during this exciting step of the boat buying process. You are welcome to bring your family or friends along for the transfer sailing, during which we train you to expertly handle your new boat. Post-transfer, you'll be proficient enough to sail the boat solo! Additionally, we walk you through the functionalities of all onboard devices and work together with you to configure the electronics.

If after this you feel uncertain about any matter related to the boat or sailing, you can get skipper services from us. If you wish, we will support you with your first sailings. We also deliver accessories if new wishes have arisen!

When the boat has arrived at its home port, it's time to organize a party! Invite your family and friends to your new boat to celebrate life and raise a toast to dreams coming true!

Boat maintenance

Our work is not done, although the purchase of the boat has all been happily completed. We offer our help in all matters related to boat maintenance and repair work within the warranty or even after. We take care of the boat's annual maintenance and also help organize winter storage and docking, if you want.

We also offer transfer sailing and crew service, if you want to move your boat from Finland to the Mediterranean, for example. 

At YachtsAgent, we offer tips, advice and crew assistance - whether you are sailing in Finland, Croatia or elsewhere in the world. Our extensive networks, unbeatable expertise and long-term experience enable us to share unique sailing tips and advice in all situations. 

Exchanging the boat

Boating as a hobby evolves over time. When you decide to exchange or sell your boat, YachtsAgent is ready to assist you at this phase too. As your aspirations expand, we'll be right there with you, guiding you through the process of purchasing a new boat.

YachtsAgent is always at your side when you need a reliable partner on the seas of the world!


We have long experience in the sale and delivery of boats. If you want more information about our services, don't hesitate to contact us!

-Team YachtsAgent

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