The sailboat of your choice from YachtsAgent and suitable financing according to your needs!


Buying and financing a boat is now easier and more reliable than ever. The sailboat of your dreams is now within reach! Choose the best sailboat for you, YachtsAgent's investment program selection has several different options, from which there is a suitable way for every sailor to acquire a sailboat. Whether you want to minimize invested capital, maximize your own use or rental income - we have the right way for you to get a sailboat!


Charter Management as an option

In the Charter Management program, YachtsAgent tailors a financing program for the customer, where acquisition and maintenance are optimized according to profit goals and operational needs. 

The YachtsAgent Charter Management program covers the boat's operating costs and financing with charter rental income. A sailboat purchased with the Charter Management program is VAT-free, making the purchase up to 65% more affordable for the investor compared to a privately purchased boat. 

Charter Management program:

Unique unlimited sailing time

In the program, you can sail without restrictions whenever you want - according to your own schedule. This is a unique advantage compared to other investment programs.

High-level maintenance maximizes returns

We only work with the best and selected partners to ensure quality maintenance and careful charter operation.

YachtsAgent's years of expertise

The YachtsAgent Charter Management program has been operating since 2002. With years of expertise, this financing program is tailored exactly to meet your needs.

Navigare Yacht Investment as an alternative

YachtsAgent now also offers Navigare Yacht Lifestyle Investment investment programs, with which the opportunity to acquire a new sailboat is within reach of almost everyone. Navigare Yachting is a true luxury charter operator, and best of all, its investment programs have the best return on capital in the industry. 

More than 250 investors participate in the Navigare Yacht & Lifestyle investment program. Join the investment program that will take you sailing to warm waters all year round!

Navigare Yacht Investment program:

Program according to capital investment
Navigare Yacht & Lifestyle includes three different programs. There is an option in the investment program whether you want to maximize rental income or the number of your own sailings. The investment program adapts according to the type of capital investment you want to make:
  • Complete
  • Ultimate
  • Smart
  • Smart Holiday 
Exclusive luxury vacations

The investment program gives you access to 53 sailing destinations around the world, as well as the opportunity to vacation in a luxurious Italian villa or ski on the slopes of Aspen.

How does the purchase and financing take place in practice?

Buying your own boat is often a big decision that doesn't happen overnight. In matters related to the purchase, equipment, manufacture and delivery of your own sailboat, it is of the utmost importance that you have a reliable partner to support you in all stages of the purchase process and boat ownership. 

YachtsAgent has more than 20 years of experience in selling sailboats, especially catamarans. We know the industry and the products, and we have thought for you of every detail that purchasing a boat entails.

We are here for you

We support you in all phases of the boat purchase, from choosing a suitable boat to transfer sailing and reselling or updating the boat years later. 

Above all, we are a partner, and we share all the joys and challenges along the way with you. Thanks to solid experience and numerous satisfied customers, we guarantee that buying a boat will be one of the highlights of your life with all the delightful details. 

Get to know the process of purchasing a boat, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!


Purchase of a boat

Choosing the right boat for you

We will help you find a sailboat that exactly meets your needs. We know how to ask the right questions, which are used to map your situation and needs.

Choosing a financing option

Whether you wanted to pay for the boat entirely from your own funds, or invest a smaller amount of capital and pay the rest with rental income from chartering the boat, we will help you find and implement the financing that suits you.

Ordering the boat

We make an offer, and when it is accepted and the order is placed, a down payment of 15 % is paid. At this stage, you can begin to plan the boat's equipment.

A boat according to your wishes with customization

With our long experience, we have a refined list of all goods to be purchased for the boat, from a dish brush to floor mats, sheets and life jackets.

Manufacture and factory visit

Buying a boat is an experience-filled process as a whole, because you also get to visit the factory in Bordeaux, France with us. 

Booking a berth

It is worth booking a berth when the purchase of the boat is still at a fairly early stage. Whether you wanted to sail in the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean or elsewhere in the world, we will help you find a suitable port. 

Delivery of the boat

We also supervise the delivery of the boat from the factory for you. We carefully control the quality of the boat, and check that it meets our quality requirements before handing it over to the customer. 

Get to know the boat of your dreams with transfer sailing

You're welcome to bring your family or friends for the initial sailing session, during which we'll provide you with training on how to operate the boat. After this session, you'll be equipped to sail the boat solo! Additionally, we'll walk you through the functionality of all onboard devices and collaborate with you to set up the electronics.

Help for the entire life cycle from the same address

We offer our help in all matters related to boat maintenance and repair work within the warranty or even after. We also help with organizing winter storage and docking. If one day you want to sell your boat, or upgrade to another model, we will be your reliable partner even then!

Looking for a product?

YachtsAgent searches for and selects a suitable option for your needs. With our help, you can find the right boat for you, and the right financing option. Contact us!

-Team YachtsAgent

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