Sailing dreams are now closer than ever!​​

Now, if ever, you should plan to organize a memorable event on the deck of a wonderful catamaran or break away from the gray everyday life and go on a sailing vacation to the turquoise blue Adriatic Sea in Croatia. YachtsAgent offers a tangible benefit voucher to make your dream come true!

Your own sailboat in Croatia, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is also an excellent investment. You get to enjoy a high return on invested capital, and you also invest in yourself and your own well-being. You can enjoy affordable sailings all year round in crystal clear waters! In honor of Black Friday, you can purchase a boat by joining the Yacht Ownership program now at an exceptionally low price.


Black Friday Price

Thinking of a business event or celebrating an anniversary with your loved ones? YachtsAgent offers great boats and sailing routes for every situation!

With the help of the Black Friday discount voucher, you can organize a memorable event at a special price!


Black Friday Price

Spend the vacation of your dreams sailing in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean!
Rent a boat in Croatia with or without crew - your entire sailing vacation is completely customizable. Let the Adriatic Sea call!

Black Friday - with the help of a voucher, you can make your dreams come true more affordably!


Black Friday Price

Do you dream of your own boat in the Mediterranean? The Yacht Ownership investment program makes it possible. High return on capital and the opportunity to sail your own boat all year round - great!

In honor of Black Friday, you can now join the investment program at a cheaper price!

Attend the dinner and claim a benefit voucher

You get a voucher by attending a first-class dinner at Restaurant Bronda. During the evening you will hear more about YachtsAgent's services, sailing routes and magnificent boats.

There is a brasserie-style, Mediterranean tasting menu with high-quality, carefully selected wines. The tasting menu is a nuanced cross-section of the gems of Southern European food culture. Special diets and allergies are always taken into account. 

The value of the dinner package is €145. In honor of Black Friday, we are now offering the evening for €99! The dinner includes Bronda's wonderful tasting menu, high-quality and carefully selected "sommelier's wines", and coffee with dessert. 

During the dinner, you will hear more about YachtsAgent's services, and you will receive a voucher that gives you significant benefits for organizing an event at sea, a wonderful sailing vacation in Croatia or joining the Yacht Ownership investment program.

The dinner will be organized on 2 December 2022 and 9 December 2022. Book your place on a day that suits you!

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Our Black Friday campaign

YachtsAgent and Lagoon Charter Black Friday offer

In Finland, YachtsAgent organizes memorable sailing events at sea together with Lagoon Charter. Whether you want to spend a workplace recreation day or celebrate an anniversary with your loved ones, among the charter services you will find wonderful boats and sailing routes for every situation. 

YachtsAgent and Croatia Black Friday offer

In Croatia, YachtsAgent offers versatile charter services, with which the holiday of your dreams sailing on turquoise blue waters is guaranteed. You can enjoy luxury with an all-inclusive vacation and rent a boat with a crew, or go on an adventure and act as the skipper yourself. Your sailing vacation is completely customizable! 

YachtsAgent and Yacht Ownership Black Friday offer

For those who dream of their own sailboat, there is the YachtOwnership program, which allows you to get your own sailboat easily and affordably.

In the selection of investment programs, there is a suitable way to own a sailboat for everyone. The return on invested capital is up to 12%, which is more than the average annual return on shares or Housing investment!

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