a customer story from Croatian sailing

Dolphin Followers group's memorable sailing trip in Croatia

Read a customer story from Croatian sailing

Our client together with his group "Dolphin Followers" went on a sailing trip to Croatia's breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear waters on the new YachtsAgent's Fleet Twin Joy+ - on a catamaran. Read what the group's week-long maiden sailing on the new Twin Joy+ catamaran entailed, whether dolphins were seen along the way and how the group's name "Dolphin Followers" came about.

Customer story - Dolphin Followers

"About 3 years ago, we received a strong recommendation from an acquaintance to try a sailing vacation in Croatia. We got to work and assembled the crew. In our planning meeting, a shared dream of seeing a dolphin emerged, after which we named our group "Dolphin Followers". This is how we will sail in the fall of 2021 Happy Keyfrom Split to Dubrovnik. The Adriatic Sea and Croatia enchanted us and the trip was absolutely wonderful! The only downside was that the dolphins didn't come to greet us that time."

Return to the Adriatic Sea and Twin Joy+'s first customer sailing

"The dream of a new sailing holiday and meeting dolphins didn't leave us alone, so we started planning another sailing holiday for the fall of 2023. Our group had grown along the way, so we were looking at a bigger boat. As if on order, the new Twin Joy+, Lagoon 51 catamaran appeared on the list of rental boats and luckily we found a week in the booking calendar that was just right for us, and that week turned out to be Twin Joy+'s maiden cruise!”

A sailing vacation full of memorable moments

"After a vacation full of memorable moments, it is impossible to highlight one moment and experience above the others. Over the course of a week, we got to experience everything between Solta, which offers an idyllic Croatian atmosphere, and Split, which is also known as a city holiday destination. The week included a visit to a winery on the island of Vis, as well as gelato, shopping and a funnier atmosphere in Hvar, not forgetting the night spent at anchor in a beautiful and peaceful cove. You can't leave the traveling company, great food, and of course swimming, sun and warmth, which you won't find in your native Finland in October."

An encounter with dolphins completed the sailing experience

"Our week was crowned by the long-awaited dolphin sighting!"

"We thank YachtsAgents and its competent staff for making another memorable vacation possible! There was still a lot left to see and experience, so hopefully one day we will be able to enjoy a smooth catamaran ride and, of course, those...dolphins!"

– Dolphin Followers

What would a sailing holiday in Croatia sound like?

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