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YachtsAgent offers luxurious boats and first-class boating accessories, as well as a high-quality charter services

YachtsAgent offers quality and expertise

YachtsAgent is Finland's leading seller of luxury yachts. We offer a high-quality service to all our customers interested in boating. Our main products are e.g. Lagoon-catamarans and Highfield aluminium RIB boats.

We also offer exquisite charter services in Finland and abroad. Thanks to our long and profound experience and genuine passion, we can offer our customers the best.

YachtsAgent - the best boats in Finland

YachtsAgent's selection of boats includes high-quality Lagoon catamarans and Highfield aluminium hulled RIBs. Both represent the best in their class. 

Thanks to our financing options you will make your dreams come true more easily. Our selection has several different options for everyone to find the best way to get a boat.

YachtsAgent offers the best Charter services

YachtsAgent offers high-quality charter services in Finland, in Croatia and all around the world. Our professional crew guarantees unforgettable experiences at sea. 

Sailing is a more ecological way to enjoy a day at sea in the wonderful scenery of the Baltic Sea, or a longer trip in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. 

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Order the Lagoon brochure (pdf) in your email and get to know the story of the unique catamarans. In the brochure, you can find all Lagoon models as well as wonderful sailing photos with stories in Finnish and English. 

YachtsAgent - Service with expertise

With over 20 years of experience, YachtsAgent proudly stands as the pioneer importer of Lagoon catamarans in the Nordic countries. Our team possesses genuine personal sailing experience and extensive expertise in the field. We boast exceptional practical know-how and in-depth product knowledge. Since 2018, we have maintained our position as Finland's foremost sailboat importer in terms of turnover.

Our goal is to provide high-quality. YachtsAgent takes care of the customer's needs throughout the whole ownership of the product. We strive that the customer can always trust the choice he made. We offer reliable and expert service to our customers in all situations. 

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