Boot Düsseldorf, the worlds’ largest trade fair for the water sports industry, will return to Messe Dusseldorf on 21 – 29 January 2023

boot Düsseldorf, 21-29.2.2023 Messe Düsseldorf

We are presenting Lagoon 46 in Hall 15 / A44.

Finally, we get back to Boot @Düsseldorf! This is the biggest boat show in the world. There is really a lot to see, so please come and meet us at the show! As the show is top-rated, we kindly ask you to pre-book your visit with us! We are happy to send you free electronic tickets in return.


Highfield boats are known for their performance and remarkable quality. Highfield is the #1 manufacturer of RIB -boats worldwide. Selecting only the best materials and working with the best suppliers, Highfield has been able to provide outstanding quality for its customers since 2011.
Highfield’s hulls are dry-riding, very seaworthy, and always over-built. Their reputation for durability is now world-renowned.

Highfield has a strong presence at Boot in Hall 9 / C24. We are happy to show you all the models:

  1. Sport 390
  2. Sport 560
  3. Sport 600 (NEW for 2023)
  4. Sport 760 (NEW for 2023)
  5. CL290
  6. UL310
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Parasailor is the best choice for you for an easy-to-manage downwind sail! This sail fits both monohull and multihull. The newly developed generation Parasailor from the ISTEC company differs significantly by higher performance, greater stability, increased safety, and more sailing enjoyment!

New orders are on delivery before the season start. Parasailor is also present in Hall 10 / F41. Come and meet us, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Parasailor and downwind sailing!


SEA.AI is our latest product for safety at sea. It’s is a machine vision technology, that detects floating objects early. It uses thermal and optical cameras to catch objects that escape conventional ­systems such as Radar or AIS. Objects that SEA.AI detects can be for example Unsignalled crafts or other floating obstacles, e.g., containers, tree trunks, buoys, inflatables, kayaks, persons over board or sleeping sea mammals. 

Contact us for presentation in Hall 10 / E07, and we’ll meet you at Boot!

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Lagoon Days with Highfield 2024

Lagoon Days With Highfield -tapahtuma tarjoaa erinomaisen mahdollisuuden tutustua Lagoon-katamaraaneihin sekä Highfield-veneisiin.
Tervetuloa koeajamaan Highfield RIB-veneitä koeajotapahtumassa! Koeajopäivät 17.-18.5.2024 Koeajopäivät järjestetään Helsingin Lauttasaaressa.

Highfield By YachtsAgent Vene 24 Båt -venemessut

Highfield By YachtsAgent mukana Vene 24 Båt -messuilla. Tule tutustumaan laadukkaisiin Highfield RIB-veneisiin.

Boot Düsseldorf venemessut 20.-28.1.2024

Maailman suurin jahtien näyttely Boot järjestetään jälleen Düsseldorfissa. Highfield esittelee näyttelyssä yhdeksän RIB-venettä.
Highfield koeajopäivä - Lauttasaari 7.10.2023

Highfield koeajopäivä 14.10. Lauttasaaressa

Highfield koeajopäivä Lauttasaaressa 14.10. Koeajettavina Highfield SP460, SP700 ja PA540.

Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

YachtsAgent kutsuu sinut Cannes Yachting Festivaaleille 12.-17.9.2023.
Uiva venenäyttely Lauttasaaressa!

YachtsAgent mukana Uivassa venenäyttelyssä 2023

YachtsAgent mukana Uivassa 17.-20.8.2023. Esillä mm. Lagoon 42 ja Lagoon 50. Koeajopäivät 12.-13.5.2023 Koeajopäivät järjestetään Helsingin Lauttasaaressa.
Ajankohtaiset kuulumisen veneilystä löydät aina tältä sivulta. Hulppea monirunkovenenäyttely MultiHull Boat Show Ranskan La Grande Mottessa luo todellista juhlan tuntua.

Multihull Boat Show 2023

Multihull Boat Show 12. - 16.4.2023, La Grande Mottessa Ranskassa.

We are on board!

Finally, we get back to Boot @Düsseldorf! This is the biggest boat show in the world.

ARC+ 2022 on käynnissä

World Racing Club järjestää legendaarisen ARC-purjehduksen.

Vene 23 Båt Helsingin messukeskuksessa

Vene 23 Båt on Pohjois-Euroopan suurin veneilytapahtuma.
Lagoon Cannes

YachtsAgent Cannesissa

YachtsAgent myi kolme Lagoon-katamaraania Cannesissa ollen Pohjois-Euroopan paras Lagoon myyjä.
Cannes Yachting Festival - Lagoon stand

Cannes Yachting Festival 2022

YachtsAgent kutsuu sinut Cannes Yachting Festivaaleille 6.-11.9.2022
Yachtsagent Uiva2020

YachtsAgent mukana Uiva 2022 -venenäyttelyssä

Varaa oma esittelyaikasi YachtsAgentin messuosastolle Uiva 2022 venenäyttelyyn.

Our team at boot 2023

Timo Salminen 20.-25.1.
Leena Pelttari 20.-25.1.
Janne Kandelin 24.-28.1.

Boot is always very busy. Avoid the rush and pre-book your boat show visit! We send you two (2) free electric tickets / appointment in return!
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